March 28th 2011 • 2:08PM

Creativity is manifest everywhere in our universe, even at what seem to be the extremes: whether at the galactic or extragalactic extreme whose activity has coincided with evolutionary upshifts on earth, or at the level of the single celled organisms which they produced. It is an inescapable and undeniable fact, no matter where you look.

March 20th 2011 • 4:06PM

Peter Martinson (LPAC Basement Research Team) and Natalie Lovegren (LPACTV) discuss recent earthquake forecasts for the immediate period in the Pacific Rim of Fire: Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, and California, U.S.

環太平洋火山帯 第2部 (JAPANESE VERSION)

March 9th 2011 • 5:48PM

Basement Team member, Sky Shields, delivered the following presentation to the March 5th NAWAPA Conference in Houston, TX. Concepts of LaRouche's science of physical economy and the fight to implement Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA are demonstrated as inseparable from the ongoing upward evolution of planet Earth.

March 21st 2011 • 8:41PM

Can life be reduced to nothing more than an interesting arrangement of atoms and molecules? No.

March 15th 2011 • 3:33PM

The Japanese Earthquake must serve as a wake-up call for mankind. We are behind in our scientific understanding of the Universe, specifically the relationship between our Earth, our active Sun, and our galaxy.

March 9th 2011 • 2:00PM

Today, a mass strike is sweeping the across the planet as both the future and present living conditions of citizens everywhere remain at the mercy of the bankrupt global monetary system. As it moves, to the extent political leaders refuse to overwhelm the crisis with solutions like Glass Steagall, they are being stripped of their credibility and authority.

Feature Documentary: Ten Years Later
September 10th, 2011 • 9:11 PM

Eight months before the September 11, 2001 attacks, Lyndon LaRouche forecast that the United States was at high risk for a Reichstag Fire event, an event that would allow those in power to manage through dictatorial means an economic and social crisis that they were otherwise incompetent to handle. We are presently living in the unbroken wake of that history.

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