Russia opened its first rail connection to North Korea last month, the first since 2003, connecting Khasan in Russia's southeastern corner and North Korea's rebuilt port of Rajin, Bloomberg reports today.

President Obama has decided he is too busy destroying the United States to take time off for his planned visits to the Philippines and Malaysia. He will still leave next week to attend the APEC meeting in Bali and the ASEAN summit in Brunei.

Officials at Central Japan Railway unveiled its"L0" model last week at its test track in Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan. The "L0" is a prototype commercial model of a new generation magnetic levitated train that is scheduled to start running between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027. The train will travel at speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour (361 mph).

As the Moscow Times reports, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov invited Japan to work with Russia on building a 10-km bridge to connect Sakhalin Island with the Russian mainland.

Landing missions on celestial bodies in the Solar System will form the backbone of Russia's space research program in the coming decades, a prominent Russian expert said yesterday.


The international angle of accomplishing a new, global development perspective characterized by Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA will be fostered through a close partnership between the United States, Russia, and China. This page is a continuing exploration of the potentials of that arrangement.

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