Father of the Green Revolution

by Spencer Cross
from research by Bob Baker, Marcia Merry Baker and David Shavin

As presented in “Who We Fight: Episode II”, Henry Wallace was intent on continuing the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt for not only the development of the peoples of the globe, especially the Pacific, but for the end of the British Empire. The British Empire responded by attacking and slandering Wallace until he could no longer engage in politics. But that didn’t stop Wallace. He lived to make another, lesser known contribution to world civilization: Henry Wallace was the father of the Green Revolution.

by Oyang Teng

One of the revelations of last week's American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco, was the urgency with which China has moved to expand its capabilities in the field of earthquake forecasting, through a network of ground- and space-based sensors for the detection of precursor signals emanating from fault zones.

Various political leaders may be creating an ambiguous cloud over the global situation, as if the plan for a global thermonuclear war is somehow in doubt. Below the remarks of Senior Minister for Human Resources of Sri Lanka, DEW Gunasekara during their recent budget debate, are a clear understanding of the urgency of the situation the globe faces.


The international angle of accomplishing a new, global development perspective characterized by Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA will be fostered through a close partnership between the United States, Russia, and China. This page is a continuing exploration of the potentials of that arrangement.

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