At the beginning of the week Obama made sure to tell China at the APEC summit, that it was time they "grow up" and act like a developed nation, if that's what they intend to be. Essentially he blamed China for the financial collapse of the West. However Obama's remarks were not given as the sole threat to that nation.

The LaRouche PAC and Summer Shields for Congress cosponsored a historic seminar on the urgent need for trans-Pacific cooperation. The all day conference entitled, Rescuing Civilization from the Brink: The Grand Pacific Alliance, featured presentations on history, science and music and consisted of hours of focus on ideas on the highest level. It's accomplishment was...

Intervention at the National Defense University Symposium -- WWIII vs Pacific Alliance

by Creighton Cody Jones

by Liona Fan Chiang

After attending an event last week whose speaker was trying to promote a space programs alliance among India, China, and Japan, it became clear to me that if the subject of manned space flight is avoided in discussions about space programs, anything goes.

by Anna Shavin

In her blog post, The Case of Iran & Obama’s Private Armies, Leandra Bernstein outlines a very scary potential for a coup to be run inside the United States, by President Obama. She asserts that there are two damning markers of the destruction and co-opting of the American military in the last half century;


The international angle of accomplishing a new, global development perspective characterized by Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA will be fostered through a close partnership between the United States, Russia, and China. This page is a continuing exploration of the potentials of that arrangement.

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