November 7th 2014 • 9:00PM
November 5th 2014 • 11:56AM

What should we be doing with international relations? How can we build a constructive peace?

November 3rd 2014 • 1:49PM

Lyndon LaRouche joined us for today's show. We discussed issues of the collapse of physical and intellectual productivity, since the early 1980's. Join us every Monday at 1pm Eastern. We broadcast live.

October 31st 2014 • 7:32PM

A new great war is threatened. What must we do to find peace? Start with a crash program to fight Ebola, globally.

October 30th 2014 • 3:00PM

[head]Tonight's webcast was pre-recorded. Downloads are below.[/head]

October 29th 2014 • 10:59AM

"Vernadsky and mammalian time." TRANSCRIPT Join us every week on Wednesday at 11am Eastern.

Deniston's paper, Science for a New Paradigm: Time for a Solar Noösphere, is now available.

October 27th 2014 • 12:45PM

Lyndon was present for today's show! What is actually required to bring victory? Man is not an animal! Join us LIVE every Monday at 1pm Eastern.

October 24th 2014 • 7:40PM

Lyndon LaRouche could not be in attendance today. Jeffery Steinberg, a leading editor of EIR Magazine filled in. ISIS, Ebola and impending financial collapse, is there a way out?