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What should we be doing with international relations? How can we build a constructive peace?

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Kepler's Harmony of the World

The second edition of a complete pedagogical work-through of Johannes Kepler's magnum opus, Harmonices Mundi. The purpose of the release today, by the LaRouche PAC, of a second edition exposition of Kepler's crucial work, is to provide the necessary educational tools for students, scientists and policy-makers alike to have access at this crucial moment to what is probably the most explicit and accessible presentation of a competent basis in modern scientific method available.

The Riemann Project

The report you are about to experience was produced to make clear why LaRouche refers to his economic forecasting methodology as the “LaRouche-Riemann Method.” In doing so, we’ll explore the central feature of economics: our characteristic activity, as a species, is built upon mankind’s willful implementation of creative discoveries which re-define our relationship to the universe around us.


Featured Articles:

Planetary Defense: An Extraterrestrial Imperative

by Ben Deniston, Liona Fan-Chiang, Peter Martinson, Meghan Rouillard, Sky Shields, Oyang Teng

Do we really have a choice of whether we want to progress or not? Does the universe ever stand still, waiting for us to make that decision? As the dinosaurs witnessed, the answer is no. Past and future threats to human lives, including extreme weather events, CME's, earthquakes, asteroids and more, show us that the ultimate defense in a developing and inherently creative universe is progress. What is presented in this policy paper is the ultimate war avoidance strategy.

Self-Developing Systems and Arctic Development: Economics for the Future of Mankind

by Michelle Fuchs and Sky Shields

Progress is not defined by a linear or arbitrary amount of increase of "wealth" or capability. As nature has shown us, all human activity must be driven by challenges to the frontiers of human knowledge, and must always aim toward achieving higher energy-flux density platforms. Study a detailed demonstration of the measurement of energy-flux density here and redefine any nominal study of economics thereby!