14 September

Lyndon LaRouche's Basement Team of researchers is developing the concept of biospheric management, in order to reorient current liberal scientific methods to the proper self-conception of mankind as creators.1 If mankind is to survive this current breakdown of the entire global financial system, he must confront the great fallacies in thinking which have brought him to this point.
Edmund Russell's book, Evolutionary History, is written first, as an analysis of man's specific effect on “evolution in populations of other species which in turn has shaped human experience,” and second, to forge from this, a new academic field which unites history with biology.

The Basement Project began in 2006 as a core team of individuals tasked with the study of Kepler's New Astronomy, laying the scientific foundations for an expanded study of the LaRouche-Riemann Science of Physical Economics. Now, that team has expanded both in number, and in areas of research, probing various elements and aspects of the Science of Physical Economy, and delivering in depth reports, videos, and writings for the shaping of economic policy.