01 February

by Shawna Halevy

Do you think about how you think? How does it occur? Do you think in sequence of logical steps? If you were to write out a thought, would what you wrote reflect how you came to your idea? Is the end product the same as your thought process?

27 January

Proverbial maxim from the Delphic cult of the gods, or a Platonist insight into the nature of knowledge?

24 January

by Meghan Rouillard

The uptick in solar activity we’ve observed and experienced in recent days underscores the point made in our recent Basement Report on what must be the subject of real Planetary Defense.

Jan. 22nd solar flare
17 January

by Judy Hodgkiss

In April, 2004, researchers on the frontiers of matter/antimatter technology, representing three major laboratories, Los Alamos/CERN/Jet Propulsion Lab, presented what is probably the most optimistic proposal for a crash program for antimatter technological development since its inception (outside the LaRouche movement). The three physicists, M.M. Nieto, M.H. Holzscheiter, and S.G. Turyshev, made their proposal before the NASA/JPL Workshop on Physics for Planetary Exploration, in Solvay, California. They called for a dedicated antiproton source facility to be built by a combination of funds provided by NASA/DOE and the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

16 January

By Marsha Freeman

These are annual meetings (this was the 32nd) that Steve Dean puts together. They are an excellent up-date on the status of the political and programmatic developments in fusion, both magnetic and inertial. I am not including any of the technical up-dates here.

The Basement Project began in 2006 as a core team of individuals tasked with the study of Kepler's New Astronomy, laying the scientific foundations for an expanded study of the LaRouche-Riemann Science of Physical Economics. Now, that team has expanded both in number, and in areas of research, probing various elements and aspects of the Science of Physical Economy, and delivering in depth reports, videos, and writings for the shaping of economic policy.