09 November

Intervention at the National Defense University Symposium -- WWIII vs Pacific Alliance

by Creighton Cody Jones

03 November

By Benjamin Deniston

Admitted, you can debate how much of a "near miss" this particular asteroid will be, but taken in the immediate political-strategic context – where the threats of a new world war are echoing throughout probably every nation across our dangerously unstable world – there is good reason to take this opportunity to contemplate your position in both history, and the galaxy – and, most importantly, the relation of the two.

02 November

by Meghan Rouillard

Asuka Saito reported that Japanese media have covered this event, which hasn’t been covered by English media so far, nor did it register with USGS. Since, as one Japanese scientist warns, the implications are for potentially strong seismic events as a result of it, I decided it would be worth mentioning here.

So, back to the title... how can major plate movement result in a “zero magnitude” earthquake?

31 October

by Benjamin Deniston

This is partially in response to Peter's post The Crab Nebula and Lightning, but given the length I figured it'd be better to add it as a new post.

28 October

by Jason Ross

A comprehension of the breakthroughs in method made by Bernhard Riemann is of the utmost importance for understanding the economic forecasting methods of Lyndon LaRouche. I recently produced a series of videos on Riemann:

The Basement Project began in 2006 as a core team of individuals tasked with the study of Kepler's New Astronomy, laying the scientific foundations for an expanded study of the LaRouche-Riemann Science of Physical Economics. Now, that team has expanded both in number, and in areas of research, probing various elements and aspects of the Science of Physical Economy, and delivering in depth reports, videos, and writings for the shaping of economic policy.