Tony Blair is the lying face of imperial war and global genocide, and is the most important controlling figure in the drive for World War III.

Blair, the orchestrator of the "sexed up" intelligence that got us into the Iraq War, has his stamp on every evil Obama policy, and as long as Obama remains in office he will remain a destructive British tool.

How Tony Blair's Name is attached to Every Evil Obama Policy | Tony Blair's role in Obama's re-election campaign

A key plank of the Blair Doctrine for today is that NATO must be able to go to war without consulting national legislatures, because there is "no time" to get their permission. Just what Obama did in Libya, and what Defense Secretary Panetta, on behalf of Obama, told an incredulous Senate committee last year: permission from NATO is all we need; we'll consult you only when and if it's convenient.

"Right To Protect": Obama’s Road to Nuclear War

This is an all-out assault on national sovereignty, and is consistent with Tony Blair's declaration that the Westphalian era in politics is over.

Lyndon LaRouche characterized this as construction of an eastward-focussed military machine targetted at Russia. We are seeing the Putin Doctrine of national sovereignty and international legality, which is Westphalian, pitted directly against this Blair Doctrine. The issue is World War III, if it comes to that. The British Empire is prepared to bring about the extinction of the human race if it doesn't submit.

Aligned with the Putin Doctrine are Russia, China, and India, which comprise between them the majority of humanity, on behalf of the nation-state and sovereignty. On the other side is the New Venetian Party controlling the British and Dutch monarchies, their lackey Tony Blair, and their mere tool Barack Obama.

Without Obama's finger on the thermonuclear trigger, the British Empire has no power to threaten and blackmail other nations into submitting. Impeach Obama now.

The world needs a new Treaty of Westphalia, a reaffirmation of Franklin Roosevelt's intention after the war: an alliance of sovereign nation-states, keystoned by a US-Russia-Cina alliance, to lead the world in high-energy flux density development projects in the common interest of mankind, and to bring an end to the British Empire once and for all.