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As you undoubtedly know, Lyndon LaRouche and his political movement have been in the forefront of the drive to impeach Barack Obama as was earlier the case in respect to George W. Bush and his acting President Dick Cheney, in both cases for systemic violations of the U.S. Constitution. We therefore support the effort you are sponsoring along with Operation Overpass to impeach Barack Obama.

Erstwhile Republican Party moneybags David Alameel, put up as a Democratic Party precandidate for Senator from Texas by the Obama clique currently controlling the Texas Democratic Party, made the mistake of visiting El Paso on the heels of a very successful visit by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers, his contender in the May 27th Democratic run-off primary.

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Texas Senate Democratic Party pre-candidate Kesha Rogers gave a lively vision of how U.S.-Mexican relations can and will be transformed, if she is elected, in a live interview on ABC Radio of Mexico's "Asi Lo Dice LaMont" radio program Friday night.