After a discussion with Lyndon LaRouche and campaign coordinators, it was decided that the campaigns would take full responsibility for ramming through the McCain-Cantwell amendment, with an all-out mobilization for immediate implementation of Glass-Steagall, and a drive to throw the traitors out, beginning with that British Imperial puppet Barack Obama.

The apparatus of British Empire mega- speculator George Soros originally set in motion, and is now funding, the campaign to unseat U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln, author of the pending bill to bar banks from trading in derivatives.

Incumbents across the United States from both parties are feeling the heat of the mass strike—especially on issue of the Wall Street bailouts and TARP. And Lyndon LaRouche has made Glass-Steagall the test for patriotism — whether you are a citizen activist or an elected official.

LaRouche Democrat Carol Johnson-Smith, running in a field of 5 for the Congressional seat currently held by Baron Hill of Indiana, won nearly 5,000 votes, or 9% of the total, in the May 4 Democratic primary election.

On May 1, 2010, Sky Shields, a leading researcher and policy directer for LaRouchePAC, spoke at a Kesha Rogers for Congress event to save NASA, and the mission of space exploration. His 50 minute presentation can be found on her website: