The BBC has once again registered the British financial empire's fear of economist Lyndon LaRouche and his "four powers" policy to end monetarism and establish a credit system of sovereign nations.

The decision by the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) to issue a resolution against Kesha Rogers — and implicitly attacking the decision of 53% of Democratic voters, who gave her the party's nomination — is drawing fire from a broad spectrum of Texas Democrats.

The Texas State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) passed a resolution yesterday which contains outright lies and slanders, issued by known liars, as an excuse to condemn the voters who cast their ballots to make LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers the official party nominee in the 22nd Congressional District. Kesha Rogers has demanded an apology to herself, Mr.

In a suicidal move by the Texas State Democratic Party, the State Party, yesterday, issued a resolution containing lies and slanders, attempting to punish voters for voting for Kesha Rogers in Texas' 22nd District. Kesha's response to the resolution can be found on her website: [

Lyndon LaRouche's western states spokesman, Harley Schlanger, gives an on the ground report following LaRouche's webcast of March 13, 2010, "The Ides of March 2010."