A sudden pall fell over the usual jocularity of the White House Briefing Room today as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was confronted with the reality of the victory of LaRouche associate Kesha Rogers.

Members of the LaRouche Youth Movement had a major impact in rallies being held against education cuts in California today, as they raised the banner, and held intensive discussions, on the question of saving the nation by impeaching President Barack Obama.

Dr. Bill Deagle offered his congratulations to Kesha Rogers on his weekly interview with LaRouche Western States spokesman Harley Schlanger yesterday on the Genesis Communication Network.

The only public sign of a reaction, thus far, to the victory by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers, in the Democratic primary in the 22nd CD of Texas, by the Texas Democratic Party, is included in a slimy blog, "Hair Balls," in the so-called alternative Houston Press. Under the headline "Victory!

Lyndon LaRouche speaks on the significance of the victory of Kesha Rodgers in the Democratic primary for the 22nd congressional district of Texas.

March 3, 2010 (LPAC) HOUSTON—The victory in the 22nd Congressional District yesterday by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers sent an unmistakable message to the White House, and its British imperial controllers: Your days are numbered.