What happens to a nation whose current generation is unfit to fight a war… and yet that nation is in the midst of a war whose outcome will determine whether civilization lives or dies? We are currently in that conundrum, in the midst of the greatest economic collapse mankind has seen thus far, where governments of the world no longer represent the cause of civilization, and the current youth generation is unmotivated, unwilling, and incapable of entering into a productive human economy. This terrible coincidence requires that we at LaRouche PAC, put forward a uniquely American alternative to total destruction. What we must now do, is dig within our cultural heritage to find the tradition in which we as a nation can rediscover the moral fitness to survive.

During the great depression, the election of Franklin Roosevelt brought about a new commitment to the true culture of the United States. Projects such as the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), brought the forgotten man out of their dying communities, and into an environment where hard work was plentiful. Skills, trades, and discipline were taught and learned. The physical economy of the US was radically altered, and from this training, came a generation of men who, when the nation called, were able to make the moral commitment to the past, present and future, to fight World War II and defeat British puppet Adolph Hitler.

75 years later, in the midst of an economic collapse far worse in scope and implications than the Great Depression, and Roosevelt's economic recovery is only a pale shadow in the collective memory of the United States population. The current youth generation is so far removed from the experience of a Roosevelt Recovery, that we are on the verge of losing the technical capability and understanding of history necessary to implement a recovery of our own today. The living experience of a truly human economy is fading away, and we must, as in a wartime mobilization, bridge the gap between the past and the future.

Through the NAWAPA organizing that has occurred since August 2010, with the excited and optimistic response from the industrial, skilled workforce and engineering layers in the United States, we have amassed not only the core of a true builders committee, with the know-how and expertise to begin construction and make the scientific developments required to fully implement NAWAPA, we also have the potential and desire to enter into a multi-generational partnership with today's current no future generation.

Lyndon LaRouche has called many times for the development of a modern CCC. With the initiation of NAWAPA on the horizon, now is the time to again to revive this concept. With a modern CCC, skill-less, wayward young men and women, would have the opportunity granted to their great-grandfather’s generation. Taken out of their sick social environments, the youth would be brought into a corp of other young people, led by experts in construction, engineering, the physical sciences. The youth would be taught the discipline and skills to be the workforce that assists in the initiation of NAWAPA. This multi-generational partnership will ensure that the know how and experience of productivity lives on, to be carried on towards a greater level of development of mankind.

So, instead of a 4-5 generation dark age, we have the alternative ready. We must now actively pursue the cooperation between our society’s past developments and the current young adult generations. Through a modern Civilian Conservation Corp, we have the means of staving off the impending dark age.

Featured Content

1. Create Real Jobs for Rebuilding The Country

By Nancy Spannaus. LaRouche’s plan for reviving the CCC concept calls  for a crash program of bringing youth into working on  projects  for  basic  economic  infrastructure,  under  the  supervision  of  skilled  workers  who,  themselves,  are  probably out of work at this point, but who can be mobilized to come either directly into the CCC program,  or into firms which would be subcontractors for the national  projects. 

2. The FDR Model: Put Millions to Work Rebuilding the Nation

By Marcia Merry Baker. In November 1933, at the direction of President Franklin Roosevelt, his emergency relief administrator Harry Hopkins established the Civil Works Administration, putting 800,000 people to work within ten days, and almost 2 million to work within two weeks.Could we do it again, today? Absolutely.

3. The Concrete Action Required!

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. this is an excerpt from Lyndon LaRouche's "Emergency Legislation, Now!" which provides a clear overview of the productive work that these youth would eventually be involved in.

• A Policy for Universal Military Training

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. The following proposal for universal military training (UMT) comes from a Presidential Campaign Paper, entitled “Military Policy of the LaRouche Administration,” which was issued by on Aug. 15, 1979.

• The Army Corps of Engineers Tradition: A Crucial National Science Resource

By Pamela Lowry. In 1825, John Quincy Adams was inaugurated as President, and the American System of Political Economy came into its own. Engineering projects that were begun for improving the general welfare also brought the realization that the nation as a whole benefitted from improvements that were made in any area of the country.