Cosmic Radiation


The nature of the human mind gives us, in principle, a universal scope of action and thought. The phenomena that have come to be known as "cosmic radiation" force any honest thinker to consider all processes in their true context: the universe as a whole. Effects of such processes are seen everywhere: from the diurnal metabolic rate of carrots, to the motion of planaria, and from large-scale clamatic changes to evolutionary development. Just as a human soul does not truly have parts, neither does creation: attempts to fully understand a process on earth as a purely terrestrial process must fail. The basement team has embarked on a project to uncover Man's role in the universe, through understanding the significance of cosmic radiation.

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Research Report: Evolution and Organismic Communication

by Jason Ross · The neo-Darwinian "tree" approach to evolution is so absurd, it should no longer even be considered as a basis from which to posit "alternative" theories. The role of cosmic radiation and viruses in evolution are discussed, from the standpoint of developing potentials for new life-developments.

Isotopes and Life: Considerations for Space Colonization

by Meghan Rouillard · What are isotopes, such that life could use them "differently"? Or, inversely, what is life, such that it requires a unique isotopic composition?

Onward to Mars: The Triumph of the Weak Forces

by Oyang Teng · Like Poe's purloined letter, the evidence for the “harmonious cosmic mechanism” is all around us. The vast experimental data on cosmic radiation and its connection to cycles of climate, biodiversity, and mass extinctions are substantial, albeit preliminary, hints at the effects of biological regulation at an astrophysical scale1. A rich material-energetic connection binds the earth with the solar system and the entire galaxy.

Towards a New Periodic Table Of Cosmic Radiation

by Peter Martinson · In this brief report, I will define cosmic radiation in terms of the problems posed by Planck, Einstein, and their collaborators, and then describe some of the areas of clear research opportunities, and some potential experiments to be carried out.

Kesha's Victory and Cosmic Rays

by Sky Shields · The recent election victory of Kesha Rogers in Texas's 22nd congressional district represents a turning point in world history. The American voters have demonstrated their refusal to accept the policy of physical-economic austerity which Obama and his controllers have sought to impose through unconstitutional bank bailouts, a murderous health-care policy, and general inaction on the crucial issues of the existential crisis which now faces the American population and the world. Most notably, they have refused to accept Obama's recent, treasonous decision to scrap the last vestiges of our nation's manned presence in space. They have voted, instead, for a future — a future organized around the intensive physical economic progress that can only be brought about by the scientific advancements connected with an expansion of Man's presence in space.

The Significance of Biological Research in Space for the Development of a Unified Field Theory

by Sky Shields · Could a unified field theory truly be unified, if it only took into account abiotic processes? In this October 2009 report, Sky Shields asserts that the only possible unified field theory would be a truly universal one, taking into account biology, evolution, and cognition. A sine qua non for such an understanding is extraterrestrial biological experimentation.

Cosmic Bio-Radiation: Casting Gurwitsch in the Light of Vernadsky

by Cody Jones ·