Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have emphasized for many years that, as society decays and destroys itself, one must examine the wrong approaches in all areas of society and replace them with approaches based on Reason and the constant development for the future. Anyone who honestly examines our society today in light of this intention towards the future must be appalled! Therefore in parallel to the scientific work being spearheaded by The Basement, the international LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) has been working on the crucial developments of the cultural history of the classical arts. The challenge is to re-discover the breakthroughs of the greatest composers, to re-experience their compositions and bring these developments in human creativity back into the consciousness of the majority of the population. This is not a new approach to political and social revolution: Friedrich Schiller had laid a basis for this in his 1795 study, Letters On the Aesthetic Education of Man:

"All improvement in the political sphere should proceed from the ennobling of the character--but how can the character be ennobled under the influence of a barbaric State constitution? We would have to seek out a tool for this end which the State does not provide us, and with it, open up well-springs which remain pure and unalloyed throughout all political corruption. ... This tool is beautiful art, and these well-springs open up through art's immortal examples."-Letter IX

The most crucial study in this re-discovery process of this lost culture has been the intense work on the classical choral music of J. S. Bach's Jesu, meine Freude (MP3), W. A. Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, and recently Beethoven's choral movement of his Ninth Symphony. There are many recordings of the LYM performing these works but only recently have there been any major breakthroughs. The best way to get a sense of this process is to participate in it directly, but until then, the audio, video, and reading material found on this page offer you a glimpse into immersing yourself in the struggle to express the Beautiful which our program aims at offering.

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Book III of Kepler's Harmony, A Pedagogical Website

LaRouchePAC Basement researcher Megan Beets has just published a new series of webpage pedagogicals on the content of Kepler's The Harmony of the World-Book III. The material covered in Book III has been completed at just the right time, when the discussion of rigorous classical music has never been more needed. Visit the website here:


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On September 20-22, 1995, the Schiller Institute sponsored a series of seminars featuring Lyndon LaRouche's late close friend and collaborator Norbert Brainin, at the Dolná Krupá castle in Slovakia.

With the help of two young string quartets, the Moyzes Quartet from Bratislava and the Auer Quartet from Budapest, Brainin demonstrated the principles of Motivführung (motivic thorough-composition). As he explained in his opening remarks, this principle of Motivführung is "close to my heart; I've carried it around with me for a long time, and it never really resonated with anyone else; and the only person who immediately understood it, was Lyndon LaRouche."

In 1995 the Schiller Institute released video recordings of the entire event in a series of five videotapes. In 2010 John Sigerson, chair of the Schiller Institute in the U.S. re-released these videos, with English subtitles on the Schiller Institute website.

These videos are now re-released to an even broader audience on LaRouchePAC.com, in hopes that Mr. Brainin’s inspiring and passionate message shall reach the hearts and minds of those younger citizens of the world today who find themselves in a desperate crisis. For, as Lyndon LaRouche has said: “Classical music is the language of the human mind through which creativity speaks; physical-mathematical illustrations are a derivative of that power.”

The sessions contain some of the most advanced pedagogical demonstrations of the Beethoven's "Late String Quartets." In this dire time of crisis, and in the midst of the threat of war, LaRouchePAC-TV is re-releasing these videos here, to reach a wider audience and to bring Beethoven and Brainin's voices to the table for the discussion.

This video here is only a shortened montage from the seminar, for the full videos please visit: larouchepac.com/culture.

Towards a Culture of the Noösphere-Gigantic Shadows of Futurity
Part I & Part II

by Aaron Halevy As a part of the Basement Research Team's ongoing investigation of the pervasive principle of the mind, Aaron investigates the unique "space-time" of the mind as it it revealed in the boundaries of the highest actions of creative concentration, i.e. classical art and scientific discovery. This report comes in two parts, with Part I outlining the development of the concept of the Noösphere from Shelley to Vernadsky and Part II covering some unique expressions of mind in action.

The Oligarchical Principle

by Aaron Halevy An ominous sword hangs over civilization's head today: global economic crisis, severe weather around the globe and in the solar system, and the threat of total extinction, but if mankind is a willful species, then who the hell put that sword there?