The following is statement released by former Congressional Candidate, David Christie

The following is a written statement released by former congressional candidate Dave Christie, WA-9

Indict Obama for his role in the 9/11 tragedy in Libya and move for his impeachment. Obama suppressed the warnings that came before the attack, allowing the deaths of 4 of our nation’s diplomats. The blood is on his hands; remove him now.

by David Christie (WA), member of the LaRouche National Candidates Slate

The history of humanity has never been determined by events. Real history is determined by processes that are set into motion like a river, where the effects of which may only be felt at a much later time.

by Dave Christie, registered candidate for US Congress in Washington State, and member of LaRouche National Candidates Slate

by Dave Christie

Where is Cass Sunstein’s "Obama- moustache?" Why does he try to hide it, given that his protégé, Obama, wears his moustache with such pride?

Though the British Financial Empire would prefer not to launch an anticipated thermonuclear assault on Russia, China, and probably India as well, make no mistake about it; they will do it, if it remains the only way to maintain their power.

by David Christie -- on behalf of the national slate of LPAC-endorsed candidates for US Congress

Be not deceived- Obama’s full frontal attack on the Supreme Court is nothing less than the final phase of his “Hitler dictatorship”. Obama has now effectively adopted the “fuhrerprinzip” of the Nazi legal theorist, Carl Schmitt.

The following is a statement by Washington State congressional candidate, Dave Christie

by Dave Christie

The Chicken Hawks are circling over our heads again, with their shrill cries calling for yet another war. These are the same draft dodging fascists that brought us the "cake walk" wars that we have been mired in for over a decade.

There is a contest going on now which will determine the immediate fate of the United States, but it's not the Presidential election. The media may hype about so-and-so's recent or expected electoral victory, but the battle for the United States is not going on in the primary polls either.

by David Christie, LaRouche Democrat for U.S. Congress in Washington's 9th District

For many people, 1984 brings images of George Orwell’s famous book: communication through shortened words with no vowels, perpetual war waged through the air, and thought control to dumb down the population. For John F. Kennedy, 1984 had a far different conception, created by a far different intention. 1984 was the year set by John F. Kennedy to have a representative of humanity step foot on the planet Mars.

by Dave Christie

The only way to stop the British Empire’s drive for a thermonuclear holocaust is to remove Barack Obama immediately. The British cannot pull off their insane plan for massive population reduction without access to the nuclear arsenal of the United States that is currently held hostage by the lunatic Obama.

As we witness the mass insanity in Washington DC right now, one can’t help but think of the classic film and book called “The Manchurian Candidate”. Given the behavior of some of our leading elected officials, you may think they had been programmed to display their insanity in one incredible psychotic mass outburst, coinciding with the start of thermonuclear World War III.

On Friday, December 9th, Dave Christie and Dave Dobrodt attended an event called “NASA Future Forum 2011” at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. There were about 300 people throughout the event, which was also broadcast on NASA-TV.

The LaRouche PAC and Summer Shields for Congress cosponsored a historic seminar on the urgent need for trans-Pacific cooperation. The all day conference entitled, Rescuing Civilization from the Brink: The Grand Pacific Alliance, featured presentations on history, science and music and consisted of hours of focus on ideas on the highest level. It's accomplishment was...