With LaRouchePAC's role as the leading enemy of the British Empire now undeniably established with the release of the "9/11: Ten Years Later" feature, we bring you the full-length completed "New Presidency" video, with all six candidates of the LaRouche Democratic Slate. This is the program with which to replace Obama's presidency.

Diane Sare, LaRouche Democratic candidate in New Jersey, delivered this address to a joint town hall meeting held along with Rachel Brown in Brookline, MA on August 31, 2011. We play her address in full as part of today's New Presidency series. Diane speaks about the emotion needed to muster the courage to fight a war, using quotations from U.S.

As part of today's "New Presidency" series, Ed Hamler sat down with Diane Sare, for an interview discussing her region's role in building NAWAPA, including the urgent challenge of giving the inner-city youth there a future through a modern-day CCC.

This video, narrated by Sky Shields, defines an overview of what the LaRouche Democratic national congressional slate, with the flagship project NAWAPA as its platform, is presenting as the leadership program for the nation.

Four members of the national LaRouche Democratic Congressional slate sat down with Basement Project leader Sky Shields to discuss the next economic and scientific platform which mankind must achieve, including the implications of NAWAPA as a concept which, if initiated, will integrate the entire nation, and affirm the immortal potential inherent in the human species.

LaRouche Democrat Diane Sare hosted an emergency meeting in New York City on August 6, in the immediate aftermath of Obama's fascist coup. The meeting drew a crowd of 60 people, many of them political activists who came to receive their marching orders from LaRouche and the six candidate slate.

Diane Sare, of the LaRouche Democratic candidates slate, speaks about Glass-Steagall and Obama's coup from in front of the bull on Wall Street, where she participated in a planning meeting of the Occupy Wall Street movement, who are modelling themselves after the young Indignados of Greece and Spain.

LaRouchePAC Editor Leandra Bernstein is on the ground with Congressional Candidates Diane Sare (D-NJ), Kesha Rogers (D-TX), and Rachel Brown (D-MA), following Lyndon LaRouche's live webcast.

New Jersey LaRouche Democratic candidate Diane Sare asks:
What species are environmentalists, really?

Diane Sare, LaRouche Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey, reports on her musical intervention at Governor Chris Christie's town hall meeting on Wednesday.

Basement Team member Meghan Rouillard addresses U.S. Congressional candidate Diane Sare's Town Hall meeting in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. The subject: the Universality of Mind.

Lyndon LaRouche's remarks on May 10th proved prophetic: If it's unpopular and it's right, we're all for it! We're for the impossible, if it is necessary; and we'll campaign to win for the impossible if it is necessary. LaRouche Democrat, Diane Sare, drew out that fight in the Paterson, NJ City Council over the passage of Glass-Steagall.

Kesha Rogers, a member of the six candidate LaRouche Democratic national slate, reports from a 10,000 person rally in Austin, TX.

Also, Kesha Rogers and LaRouchePAC invites you to a Youth Conference this weekend (Friday through Sunday) in Houston, TX!

Basement research team member Jason Ross spoke at a New Jersey event hosted by congressional candidate Diane Sare. He discussed the galactic context of processes on earth, the many promising techniques for earthquake prediction, and the political fight necessary for humanity not to go extinct, as all other species inevitably do.

Diane Sare presents the need for a global scientific revolution, keying off the recent activity of the Rim of Fire and the anomalies in the Crab nebula.

LaRouche's HBPA of 2007 would have saved our citizenry from a lot of hell and suffering, had it not been intentionally blocked-- do we dare wait around, and "see what happens" before reinstating Glass-Steagall?