The Natural state of man is to be creative, and monetarism, the empire's tool for global dominance since ancient times, has sought to destroy it. From the ancient Persian Empire, to the Delphic cult of Apollo, Rome, Venice and then the British, a policy of monetarism and a devout hatred and destruction of human creativity, has been the only way that those empires could survive. The founding of the United States of America created for the first time in world history, a nation, that rejected monetarism, placing in its federal constitution the idea of a credit system instead. The role of the United States as declared in the preamble of our U.S. constitution, is to establish a government that seeks to protect, nourish, and develop the creative powers of the human individual mind for the sake of posterity. That policy can only be secured once the empire, (in the case of today, the British monetarist empire) is virtually wiped out of existence. Thus, to secure humanity's future, know who your real enemy is.

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It is Tantamount to War! Sink the Inter-Alpha Group

"The currently operational scheme among those supporters of genocide, represented by, and stated on behalf of those interests now associated with the world empire known as the actually bankrupt Inter-Alpha Group, is to eliminate the sovereignty of all of the nations of the world..."

The Inter-Alpha Group: Nation-Killers for Imperial Genocide

The purpose of this report is to put a spotlight on the Inter-Alpha Group and its controllers, so that we may defeat their evil machinations. You, the reader, will come away with a better understanding of the nature and the mission of the Group, why that mission must be defeated, and how we can do it.


1932: Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles

Feature documentary outlining the essential battle between the republic of the United States and its historical and current enemy, the British Empire. A spotlight is cast on the role of Franklin Roosevelt in his conscious battle against the money-changers and the broader tricks of colonialism, war, and economic and cultural manipulation, typical of the Empire.

The New Dark Age

Video presenting the process that occurred in 14th century Europe, which provides the closest precedent to the type of economic meltdown that we are presently in. Unfortunately, what we face now will be far worse. Understanding the system of empire and the nature of their policy is necessary to avert the ongoing plunge into a planetary-wide dark age. The solution is not a foreign one, for, as Lyndon LaRouche consistently emphasizes, the power to change this course lies inherently within the United States.

A New Dark Age is Near: Today's Brutish Imperialism

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. "The following report may come to be considered by some among the world's leading circles of today, as the most important political document you have read, or might have read, during your lifetime to date. Certainly, the strategic issues presented here provide what would have been heretofore the most important subject in the world's historical experience of modern European civilization..."

How Bertrand Russell Became An Evil Man

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. The intellectual elite of the key nations who must bring the world out of this existential crisis—those in the United States, Russia, China, and India—have still not shown a mastery of the fundamental epistemological issues LaRouche presented in this piece. But today, the economic breakdown crisis has taught them that they had better pay attention to what LaRouche has to say. And so, we revive LaRouche's work on Dirty Bertie, the man who did so much to shape the evil we face, and must now be ultimately destroyed

A Page From History: H.G. Wells and the Bomb


Venice and Leibniz: The Battle for a Science of Economy

By Michael Kirsch. "If citizens knew that between Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, and Galileo Galilei, not a single discovery was ever made, then the illusion that there is a basis for believing in Adam Smith’s “self-correction of the market,” a self-evident value of money, the validity of statistical methods, and any necessity for London and Wall Street, would instantly vanish. But, if citizens further knew of the unique mind and fight which was the life of Gottfried Leibniz, then, the Venetian monetary system’s long campaign against the Westphalian era of the nation-state could be halted as if at the coroner’s door, in its present, and impossible desire to rule over a much-reduced world population, and human discovery would be unbound..."