To properly understand the mission of mankind, and how to proceed along that missions path, we must come to know and master, with ever more precision, the nature of the complex system of which man is a creative and integral part.

It is to this end that we of the Basement have taken the torch from famed Russian biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky to blaze the path forward in unfolding the history and future of the dynamic evolution of life, as it is intimately connected to the ongoing development of galactic and extra-galactic processes.

Through this investigation it has become clear that the fate of all life on planet earth, 98% of which has gone extinct in its history, is related to our solar-system's relationship to the galaxy (at the very least), and that this is largely mediated through the action of cosmic radiation and the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

But, while it is true that life has gone through a cyclical process of rising and falling in terms of the amount of biodiversity, with punctuated mass extinctions, the overall trend has been a process of increase of the power of life to have domain over the planet, with a constant increase towards forms of life with greater complexity of form and greater capacity to perform transformative action on the planet, with the entire biosphere expressing shifts towards higher energy flux densities, as expressed in such terms as the rate of biogenic migration of atoms. In other words, the biosphere expresses a principle of anti-entropic growth, in total contradiction of the false 2nd law of thermodynamics. It is then from this standpoint that we are able to ask the appropriate questions with the proper epistemological foundation to push forward with the physical economic development of mankind and tackle the challenge of becoming an extra-terrestrial species.