A New Forecasting Project

We have just started a new project in the Basement, in the past couple of days. As many people who follow EIR and LPAC will know, I have refined the forecast for the summer season, to say there is a point somewhere between sometime in July, and sometime in September, at which, unless there's a radical change in U.S. policy, the entire world system will come down in the worst depression since the 14th century New Dark Age. Not just the U.S., but the world as a whole.

There's some point, between early July, or middle of July, and middle of September, or so, at which, if Obama is not out of office, and if the policies of the United States are not changed--and they can not be changed, and have Obama in there--if that change is not made, the United States is going to go out of existence. That doesn't mean we're going to disappear. It means we will be on a slippery slope from which we can never recover. We've got to get this President out, quickly, before we reach the turning point, at which it's no longer possible to organize a recovery in any ordinary sense of the term.

Now, to this effect, I, just in the past days, made a decision on how to refine our insight into this forecast. And therefore, I turned to some work we've been doing in the basement, on scientific work, on Gauss's method for defining the orbit of a particular asteroid, Ceres, and the other asteroid belt as such. We had done two of these, which was produced as an example, on the website, a video production, on the question of Gauss, Gauss's forecast, on the Ceres project. Which is a study in a special kind of mathematical operation, which we are now setting into motion, to do a refinement on the characteristics of the present crisis. What is the internal structure of the crisis, and how can we more precisely define, from the standpoint of statistical methods--our statistical methods, not the usual Wall St. type--where the danger point, the maximum option for getting the President out, and replacing him--where we could save the United States, for example, and therefore, civilization. We're at that point.

-Lyndon LaRouche on the July 14th Edition of the Weekly Report

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a. Gauss & the Physical Tensor and b. Appendix This feature video presents Lyndon LaRouche's concept of the physical tensor, an essential aspect of what he has established as a science of physical economy. This concept challenges the underlying problems of belief in sense perception as reality that pervades modern society, by posing the idea of the physical tensor as a transformation which occurs between mental images.

Further: LaRouche as an Economic Forecaster

Throughout the years of 1969 and 1970, on various university campuses across the country, Lyndon LaRouche warned, that were the current economic policies to continue, a collapse of the financial system was inevitable. On August 15, 1971 shocks waves were felt by all sentient beings who knew of LaRouche's warning, as they heard the announcement that the Nixon administration had decided to officially dismantle President Roosevelt's Bretton Woods international fixed-exchange-rate financial system. The institutions responded to the effects of LaRouche's accurate forecast by deploying Keynesian economist, Abba Lerner, in an attempt to shut down LaRouche. That motion failed, as towards the end of the debate, Abba Lerner infamously admitted to a public audience in Columbia University, that “if the social democrats in Germany had listened to (Hjalmar) Schacht, then they wouldn't have needed Hitler”.

Since his first public economic forecast in 1956, Lyndon LaRouche has based his understanding of economics on what he calls the “LaRouche-Riemann method”, a method of economics rejected by alleged professional institutions and experts of the relevant topic. The validity of LaRouche's method as well as the incompetence of self-professed "experts" has been repeatedly proven by the results. LaRouche's record has been unscathed, from his first forecast in 1956, through his triple curve forecasts of 1996 and 2009. The science of economic forecasting is a topic that underlies most of Mr. LaRouche's papers and speeches. It is also the basis of investigation of his recently created 'basement' team. It is only by adopting a rigorous study of his approach to economics that one can generate any competent economic forecasts and economic policy for both the United States, and the world.

Economy for scientists: ECONOMIC SCIENCE, IN SHORT

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. The following report has been produced for the special benefit of those serious scientists and poets who are prepared to come directly to the crucial issue underlying the world’s presently accelerating plunge into the onrushing new dark age of general breakdown-crisis of the present world economy as a whole. The subject within which this report is situated, is what is, to my present knowledge, the still rarely considered principle which distinguishes the human mind, knowledgeably, from that of beasts. This is the same uniquely human principle, of that willful potential of the human mind which lies under the same heading, under which the notion of the ontological conception of the tensor must be situated for our study here.

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