There is only one policy that can save this nation, and that policy has three interdependent elements:

1) Glass-Steagall—stop the bailouts and protect our commercial banks by separating them from the speculative casinos, thus wiping the gambling debts from our books.

2) National Banking—the real assets remaining once the fictitious ones are eliminated will be very small. To alleviate this desperate state of bankruptcy, return to Hamilton's credit system.

3) NAWAPA XXI—the North American Water & Power Alliance is typical of the high-technology employment programs to restore the credit of the United States. NAWAPA will create six million jobs.

Restore Glass-Steagall

By restoring Glass-Steagall we declare: the United States government has no obligation to bail out gambling debts.

National Banking

Glass-Steagall is the indispensable first stepto stopping the current collapse; however, it does not create a recovery


For a nation to have the moral and economic fitness to survive, its present must be dedicated to creating its future.