Where does the standard for Universal American Healthcare come from? Franklin Roosevelt's Hill-Burton standard. The current "health reform" proposal of President Barack Obama comes no where close to the breakthrough healthcare policy that Roosevelt established in the 1940's, and furthermore, Obama's policy if not defeated will kill more people than the Nazi's did with their "health reform". There are much deeper issues that must be considered in crafting a successful Health Care policy today, issues of mortality, immortality, making decisions based on the future, what is real value versus monetary value and so on. These were the kinds of issues Roosevelt had to confront PERSONALLY, in his near death experience with polio. The discoveries made by Roosevelt in personally overcoming the limitations of his mortality gave him the proper lens through which to situate his identity in the long span of history, and think of policies like healthcare as security for the posterity of the nation and a defence of the gereral welfare as our constitution dictates, rather than today's cost cutting fiscally frenzied President. So, the time has come to learn the lessons of Franklin Roosevelt's approach to public health. Repeal HMO's and Revive the Hill-Burton standard!

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A. Restoring Hill-Burton

1. Situating Health-Care Policy: What is Infrastructure?

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. - It must be our efficient policy to ensure that educational institutions, especially public institutions, fulfill their potential role as vehicles for linking health care and sanitation to the population in general. This pertains not merely to the health of the individual and community, but pertains to the standard of intellectual and related development which health-care policy and practice must support in the population as a whole.

2. The RX for Rebuilding Health-Care

By Marcia Merry Baker. - If the 48 millions of Americans now without health insurance were to go for needed medical attention tomorrow, there would be no way to deliver health care to them. The physical means don't now exist. The U.S. medical system today is characterized by dramatically substandard ratios of hospital beds, diagnostic facilities, and public health services, per capita. This also means that the nation lies wide open for new and resurgent disease outbreaks, despite all the blather about Homeland "Security" measures.

3. The Government’s Role in Health-Care Policy

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. - Unlike others who are talking about health-care insurance, my focus is upon the Hill-Burton method, where the Federal government, through Hill-Burton, intervenes to assist state and local and private institutions in combination in providing private health care, as needed, through institutional means.

4. The Hill-Burton Act

The following are excerpts from 42|U.S.C.|291 et seq., which are, at present, incorporated into current U.S. law by the Hill-Burton Act.

Appendix: Outline for a Crash Anti-Pandemic Program

By Marcia Merry Baker. - We here reiterate the emergency measures required, in three broad areas: public health and medical treatment; water, sanitation and power infrastructure; and, dismantling the globalized agriculture system of mega production centers and worldwide food chains that fosters disease and hunger.

B. What Not To Do: Obama’s Nazi Plan

1. How Hitler's T4 Program is Revived in Obama's Reform

By Nancy Spannaus. - When the Nazi doctors, and others, were tried for crimes against humanity and genocide at the Nuremberg Tribunal after World War II, many claimed that they only had the most noble intentions, others that they were only following orders. In fact, they were wittingly serving as "expert" or bureaucratic cogs in a mass murder machine, of whose outcome they were fully aware..

2. Outlaw the HMOs

By John Hoefle. - HMOs make their profits by siphoning off some of the cash flow intended for treatment of patients, and thus reducing the amount of money available for health care. The more they cut the care, the more left for them. But the money is only part of it. The real goal of this health system is to increase the death rate by depriving citizens of proper health care measures.

3. Who Gets Care and Who Dies.

Marica Merry Baker. - Better named, Nazi-Inspired Commoner Extermination, the ten-year old NICE has been under attack year after year, by NHS patients, physicians, and hospitals alike. In just a decade, its policies of selective denial of cancer drugs, surgeries, kidney dialysis, and other treatments, have literally increased the death rate for whole age-groups and classes of Britons—which is a Nazi-medicine policy. This was its purpose.

4. Obama's Nazi Doctors And Their 'Reforms'

Tony Papert. - Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, special health-care advisor to Obama's Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag, and a member of HHS's 15-man Competitive Effectiveness Research Council, which is deciding what drugs and treatments will be prohibited.