January 6th, 2012 • 10:02 PM
Join Kepler, On The Narrow Path

by Jason Ross

As was mentioned in the closing credits of my recent video, Metaphor: an Intermezzo, there is a wealth of knowledge on the works of Johannes Kepler – knowledge that has been made available by the inaugural teams of the LaRouche “Basement Project.” Animated pedagogical guides to Kepler's two major works, his Astronomia Nova and his Harmonices Mundi (both discussed in the referenced video), are available online. The guides were made some years ago, and were part of the first-ever programmatic approach to the potential mass-instruction of Kepler's method.

There is no better guide to scientific epistemology than Kepler, for two major reasons: First, he was literally the first practitioner of modern science – the first to take up Cusa's methodological approach and apply it to the universe, developing, for the first time, a physical approach to astronomy, one “based upon causes,” as he said. His discovery of universal gravitation is the perfect pedagogical example for getting inside the practice of science. Second, he went to great lengths to explain his thought process that led up to his breakthroughs, something that (unfortunately) cannot be said for all great thinkers.

One interesting aspect of the importance of our work on Kepler was the outright pilfering of our reports! See the video The Harvard Yard for a historical overview of the then-LaRouche Youth Movement, more detail on Kepler, and the story of the theft of our work.

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The Basement Project began in 2006 as a core team of individuals tasked with the study of Kepler's New Astronomy, laying the scientific foundations for an expanded study of the LaRouche-Riemann Science of Physical Economics. Now, that team has expanded both in number, and in areas of research, probing various elements and aspects of the Science of Physical Economy, and delivering in depth reports, videos, and writings for the shaping of economic policy.