The following report is from the Executive Intelligence Review

The following statement was released by former congressional candidate Kesha Rogers (TX -22)

By announcing his intent on August 20, 2012, to unilaterally invade Syria, President Obama has yet again confirmed my warnings that this British-led, war-driven puppet must be immediately tossed out of the White House, in order to avoid the unleashing of his intended, general thermonuclear war.

Kesha Rogers is a member of the LaRouche national candidates slate. She won the Democratic primaries in both 2010 and 2012 in the 22nd District of Texas on the slogan "Save NASA, Impeach Obama". Upon the success of Curiosity's landing on Mars, she issued the following statement:

The following statement was released by Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers TX-22

The following statement was released by Congressional Candidate, Kesha Rogers of the 22nd district of Texas

by Kesha Rogers, Democratic Congressional Candidate (TX-22)

The following is a victory statement issued by Kesha Rogers, member of the LaRouche national candidates slate, and now the 2012 Democratic Nominee for Congress in the 22nd District of Texas. The full video -- a message to her supporters -- which she recorded following her victory on Tuesday, May 29, can be viewed on her website

Kesha Rogers, LaRouchePAC endorsed candidate for the Democratic party nomination for Congress in the 22nd C.D. in Texas, issued the following statement today.

In the last days, there has been a torrent of vicious, lying, and hate-filled attacks against me.

by Kesha Rogers, on behalf of the national movement of LaRouche candidates

by Kesha Rogers on behalf of the national LaRouche candidates slate for Congress

The real issue in this election is not the schoolyard drama of Kesha Rogers vs. the Democratic Party, in their defense of a self-described "loyal servant" to the British Queen Elizabeth II, President Barack Obama.

There is a contest going on now which will determine the immediate fate of the United States, but it's not the Presidential election. The media may hype about so-and-so's recent or expected electoral victory, but the battle for the United States is not going on in the primary polls either.

The Democratic and Republican parties are leading the American people down the road to destruction. By making their dirty backroom deal, refusing to oppose Obama for partisan reasons, while meanwhile this insane British hand grenade gets ready to unleash thermonuclear WW III, the American people have been left in the current election with the choice between arsenic and cyanide.

by Kesha Rogers

In the words of the great poet of freedom, Fredrick Schiller, "We are born for that which is better." That which is better cannot be found through a belief in accumulating pleasant sense perceptions, but through the development of the creative powers of the human mind.

Your U.S. Congress is on the verge of delivering a bill to President Obama, which authorizes indefinite military detention of suspected "terrorists" without protecting U.S. citizens' right to trial. As revealed by Senate Armed Services Committee chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) on the floor of the U.S.