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The following statement was released by former congressional candidate Kesha Rogers (TX -22)

This week's edition of LaRouchePAC in Action highlights the continuing fight between the City of London and Wall St. financial oligarchy, and the forces behind Glass-Steagall and the national credit system, led by the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee.

Kesha Rogers, a leading member of the LPAC Policy Committee, reports on the Glass-Steagall mobilization she and delegation of LPAC organizers are involved in in Austin, Texas.

Kesha Rogers, LaRouchePAC endorsed candidate and Democratic Party Nominee for TX-22, issues a call to arms for American citizens to dig deep and find the courage necessary to remove President Obama from office now before he has time to start thermonuclear war.

By announcing his intent on August 20, 2012, to unilaterally invade Syria, President Obama has yet again confirmed my warnings that this British-led, war-driven puppet must be immediately tossed out of the White House, in order to avoid the unleashing of his intended, general thermonuclear war.

Kesha Rogers is a member of the LaRouche national candidates slate. She won the Democratic primaries in both 2010 and 2012 in the 22nd District of Texas on the slogan "Save NASA, Impeach Obama". Upon the success of Curiosity's landing on Mars, she issued the following statement:

With the August 6th landing of NASA's Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars, history has been made. Democratic Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers (D-TX) elaborates the underlying significance of this great and profound feat.

The following statement was released by Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers TX-22

The following statement was released by Congressional Candidate, Kesha Rogers of the 22nd district of Texas

In the context of the growing wave of calls for Glass-Steagall on the both sides of the Atlantic, Kesha Rogers (Congressional Candidate for TX-22) delivered the following message at an NAACP Annual Convention in Houston.

by Kesha Rogers, Democratic Congressional Candidate (TX-22)

Kesha Rogers, winner of the Texas 22 Democratic Primary, shares her vision of where the country needs to go.

The following is a victory statement issued by Kesha Rogers, member of the LaRouche national candidates slate, and now the 2012 Democratic Nominee for Congress in the 22nd District of Texas. The full video -- a message to her supporters -- which she recorded following her victory on Tuesday, May 29, can be viewed on her website

It was a determined campaign over the life and death strategic issues that face the nation, from which LPAC endorsed candidate Kesha Rogers gained her victory. It was a vote against President Barack Obama.

Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers (TX-22) calls for emergency action to be taken in the face of the general economic breakdown crisis immediately at hand.

An update on the activities of the National Slate, focusing on Candidate Kesha Rogers.

On May 10, 2012, LaRouchePAC endorsed Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers gave a beautiful appeal to the patriotism of the Veterans of Foreign Wars during a 'Meet the Candidates' event for the 22nd District of Texas.

Kesha Rogers, LaRouchePAC endorsed candidate for the Democratic party nomination for Congress in the 22nd C.D. in Texas, issued the following statement today.

In the last days, there has been a torrent of vicious, lying, and hate-filled attacks against me.

by Kesha Rogers, on behalf of the national movement of LaRouche candidates