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The six members of the LaRouche Democratic national candidates slate for a New Presidency have a strategic discussion under the heading "The End of Sectionalism". This is the first in a weekly series of such broadcasts from the federal slate.

US Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers reiterates LaRouche's warning of thermonuclear world war and how to keep the peace.

On November 14, LaRouche Democrat, Kesha Rogers attended a lecture by Dr. Phil Plait on asteroids and extinction events at Rice University; the university where John F. Kennedy declared the intention to make the United States “the world’s leading space-faring nation” in 1962. Here is her interview with a video clip from the intervention.

By Kesha Rogers
The world as you know it may vanish before your very eyes, even in the coming 48 hours. You must act right now, to toss the mass murderous British Puppet, Obama, from the White House...

LaRouche Democrats Summer Shields and Kesha Rogers from the LaRouche show radio broadcasts this past Saturday, October 15th. The two were interviewed for the second half of the show, live from Occupy Austin and Occupy San Francisco and discussed at length the role of the LaRouche Democratic Slate and LaRouche PAC in educating the mass strike process. With the collapse rapidly underway on both sides of the trans-Atlantic, the empire is making every move to consolidate a coup now. We are the force that must educate this mass strike process to ensure that the outrage expressed by the population can be turned into a solution which will put mankind on the path towards actual recovery. Click here for the first half of the LaRouche Show, which featured Leandra Bernstein on the motions to consolidate this coup in the United States.

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LaRouche Candidates Kesha Rogers and Summer Shields intervene at the annual Congressional Black Caucus event.

Kesha Rogers issued this statement congratulating the Harris Country Democratic Party for their unanimous support for a resolution endorsing H.R. 1489, the bill to restore Glass-Steagall. Kesha Rogers was the 2010 Democratic nominee for Congress in Texas's 22nd district and is currently leading the national LaRouche Democratic slate.

This video, narrated by Sky Shields, defines an overview of what the LaRouche Democratic national congressional slate, with the flagship project NAWAPA as its platform, is presenting as the leadership program for the nation.

LaRouchePAC Editor Leandra Bernstein is on the ground with Congressional Candidates Diane Sare (D-NJ), Kesha Rogers (D-TX), and Rachel Brown (D-MA), following Lyndon LaRouche's live webcast.

Kesha Rogers delivers a Memorial day Statement from Dallas, Texas, commemorating the birthday of President Kennedy. She Recalls the great cultural progress led by President Kennedy, and challenges Americans to take up his banner, by removing Obama and implementing Glass-Steagall.

Kesha Rogers, of the six candidate LaRouche Democratic national slate, pulls rank and delivers marching orders to the patriots of the United States.

Kesha Rogers, a member of the six candidate LaRouche Democratic national slate, reports from a 10,000 person rally in Austin, TX.

Also, Kesha Rogers and LaRouchePAC invites you to a Youth Conference this weekend (Friday through Sunday) in Houston, TX!

LaRouche's HBPA of 2007 would have saved our citizenry from a lot of hell and suffering, had it not been intentionally blocked-- do we dare wait around, and "see what happens" before reinstating Glass-Steagall?