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April 29th 2011 • 1:40PM

Only the re-instatement of Glass-Steagall will revive the constitutional power to provide farmers the necessary means to mitigate losses in our national food supply, most immediately threatened by the current severe weather outbreak in the southern and central United States.

April 28th 2011 • 8:30PM

Obama, as President, is nothing more than an empty uniform. As this crisis unfolds, he’s just not there. He will be there, physically: he will give press-conferences, and say what he perceives are the right things to be said, at the right places. But today, as the water pours into the breach-- good people, our citizens, are going to be killed.

April 27th 2011 • 2:46PM

Along with earthquakes and wildfires, tornadoes are on the rise. Not only is the number of tornadoes increasing, but the especially large F-4 tornadoes, are on the rise, as we've seen with the case of Great Earthquakes and large volcanoes. What is the White House doing about any of this?

April 9th 2011 • 7:23PM

Another case of Obama's inflated ego.

April 5th 2011 • 7:59PM

Basement research team member Oyang Teng made a presentation via video conference to an April 1st LaRouchePAC Emergency Town Hall meeting in Boston, which featured Congressional candidate Rachel Brown. The subject of the presentation was the scientific outlook necessary to confront the political, as well as seismic, crises facing civilization.

April 3rd 2011 • 4:44PM

Candidate Summer Shields reports from the San Andreas Fault, outside San Francisco, CA. This video statement was recorded for broadcast at a public event this weekend in New Jersey, hosted by LaRouche Democrat Diane Sare. Stay tuned for more from this conference.