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October 7th 2011 • 10:28PM

A great global change has occurred. The trigger was the Russia-China agreements. Americans, now smelling at least the possibility of a future, have taken to the streets to claim back their republic. Congressmen are rising up to fight for Glass-Steagall. And Obama is now going the way of the doomed trans-Atlantic system, into the dustbin of world history.

October 4th 2011 • 5:57PM

We review the impulse among leaders from around the Arctic, including Russia, Alaska, and nations in Scandinavia, to shift the maritime center of gravity of the planet from the Atlantic Ocean, and shipping channels such as the Suez Canal-- which has always been a geopolitical choke point for British imperial policy-- towards the fabled Northeast Passage, or Northern Sea Route.

October 4th 2011 • 4:54PM

As part of our series in which we examined the globally-extended NAWAPA concept (click here for full video), Anna Shavin details how building the Bering Strait Tunnel project will open up the possibilities for the colonization of mankind's last remaining terrestrial frontier -- the Arctic Circle.

September 30th 2011 • 12:21PM

We review the recent trend coming from China and Russia towards development of the Siberian Far East and the Bering Strait connection as the next land-based frontier to be conquered by mankind, focusing on recent breakthroughs in rail technology, all of which will be crucial to the development of the Arctic region.

September 27th 2011 • 4:39PM

The Russian Spektre-R radio telescope is set to be fully operational by October. A U.S. without Obama, could fully fund NASA and the James Webb Space Telescope. Doing so will expand the Great Pacific Alliance into the Galaxy.

September 26th 2011 • 5:52PM

LPACTV's Lora Cross counter-poses the sorry state of America's manned space program under Obama to the optimistic outlook of both Russia and China. If mankind is to take his rightful place as an interplanetary species, the Three Powers must collaborate to explore and colonize space.