Human beings are a galactic species by nature, although most of us don't know that yet. In the real universe, events are never caused by anything sense perceptual, but by universal principles, which are both as large as Kepler's gravitation and small as Leibniz's infinitesimal. As the only willfully creative species known to us as of yet, the power of mankind in the ability to come to know and to act on those causes. However, to say that we are willfully creative assumes two things: the universe is creative, continuously creating in more powerful ways, and humans participate in that same quality of creativity.

The events, or “singularities,” are always merely expressions of the relatively universal manifold which expresses them. Human beings have the unique capability of recognizing that, and then acting to change the singularities by learning how to act on the manifold itself, which generates those singularities. But the first step is to understand the nature of that unsensed manifold.

This page is dedicated to developing an increasingly well defined vision of the universal manifold by looking at nature in all its implications.

Begin by situating yourself in our Galaxy. During March 2011 Japan was hit with a devastating earthquake which was followed by a wrenching tsunami. Immediately following this LPACTV released Rim of Fire I and II, which warned that this is something we should be expecting more of in the coming period. As outlined in “To Be or Not To Be, a Galactic Question,” the coming period of catastrophes is implied by the recurring cycles of biological extinction and transformation, which coincides with other apparently galactic cycles.

LaRouche PAC responded to the sudden jump in accelerating catastrophes by calling for “Operation Kepler”: an immediate focus on research and collaboration to take a system-wide approach, and develop the capability to forecast these events. This involves expanding the arsenal of our sensorium, of satellites and other remote sensing capabilities, in order to juxtapose effects from across the sensible domain, be it electromagnetic, chemical, etc. A clear demonstration of this multi-parameter approach can be found in an interview Dr. Sergey Pulinets as well as a presentation at the 2011 Schiller Institute Russelsheim conference.

In addition to an ability to forecast, we should be able to act on and change the manifold in which these events exist. The center of this is the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), about which you will find a plethora of material here. Two articles that indicate the deeper implications of NAWAPA are “The Importance of NAWAPA for Geophysical Research” and “NAWAPA from the Standpoint of Biospheric Development.”

Thus, in order to ensure the survival of humanity, we must begin by moving Heaven and Earth.