Water in the Canadian Prairie Canal will link up with the Missouri River at Lake Sakakaewa, as well as running along the Laurentian Continental Divide through the Dakotas, before connecting with the Mississippi River. These inputs into the Missouri and Mississippi systems, will make feasible, the following flood diversion projects.

1. Missouri River flood water would be diverted just downstream of the Fort Randall Dam, and pumped up a series of reservoirs on the Niobrara River. From there, water would run through a canal engineered to intersect key locations of the Ogallala Aquifer, supplying the Great Plains region with water.

2. Missouri River flood water would be back pumped from the north side of Kansas City, KS along the Kansas River before being piped to Hutchinson, KS, where a world-class water purification plant could be built to purify water to the degree needed to discharge water into the Ogallala Aquifer. Water could also be added to the Arkansas River, along with any other programmed flow of water into the river from other elements of the system.

3. Mississippi River flood water could be diverted according to specific elements of the Texas Water plan, intersecting other plans.