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August 4th 2012 • 3:59PM

Lyndon LaRouche delivered these remarks, on the "Plan for War," to a grouping of strategists of international standing, August 2nd.

June 16th 2012 • 4:37PM

These remarks were excerpted from a discussion Lyndon LaRouche held with associates on Saturday June 16th. It contains his current strategic assessment of the complete breakdown of the Trans-Atlantic financial system.
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March 12th 2012 • 5:38PM

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed by Steve Kates on the weekly "Call to Rights" radio program carried by KFNX out of Phoenix, Arizona. KFNX has a 50,000 watt signal, and reaches a potential listening audience of almost 5 million people.

December 5th 2011 • 8:00AM

The time for war is passed. War itself is now the enemy, per se! You can not have a general war on this planet, now, except at the price of the extinction of the human species.

November 25th 2011 • 9:00AM

Lyndon LaRouche made an emergency statement on November 24th, Thanksgiving Day, warning that the threat of World War is expressing itself as a new Seven Years War.

June 18th 2012 • 11:44PM

The full discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouchePAC endorsed slate of candidates will be available 1pm Tuesday.

May 16th 2012 • 6:30AM

What does the recent JP Morgan Chase loss mean? The chain-reaction that makes 'your money' futile is at your doorstep.

What can lead us to avoid a suicidal panic? LaRouche's latest strategic assessment is here.

December 23rd 2011 • 5:00PM

As the world sits on the eve of the looming breakout of thermonuclear war and economic meltdown, Lyndon LaRouche made an emergency international broadcast, calling for immediate action to remove Barack Obama from office, by purely constitutional means, as the only act which can guarantee the avoidance of a global nuclear holocaust in the very near term.

November 28th 2011 • 2:54PM

Radio host Steve Kates interviews Lyndon LaRouche on the immediate threat of general thermonuclear war, removing Obama, and the Strategic Defense Initiative.
This is the show's website:

October 22nd 2011 • 4:18PM

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Lyndon LaRouche gives an urgent address on Obama's rise to dictatorship. The killing of Ghadaffi is only the beginning of what this president is willing to do to solidify his dictatorship he makes clear that our options are slim but we have a chance if we chose to fight.