News Update


October 4th 2011 • 4:38PM

The colonization of mankind's last remaining terrestrial frontier -- the Arctic Circle -- is now on the agenda:

1) "North to the Future!"
2) Extended NAWAPA: Developing the Arctic
3) Webcast Question 2: Arctic Colonization

April 28th 2011 • 8:30PM

Obama, as President, is nothing more than an empty uniform. As this crisis unfolds, he’s just not there. He will be there, physically: he will give press-conferences, and say what he perceives are the right things to be said, at the right places. But today, as the water pours into the breach-- good people, our citizens, are going to be killed.

November 27th 2010 • 4:01PM

Michael Steger reports on organizing for the California NAWAPA Conference to take place on Saturday, December 4th.

November 11th 2010 • 1:05PM

LPAC correspondent Tarrajna Dorsey reports from the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she is part of an organizing team returning to Arizona for a second time to conduct outreach to professors and experts concerning the building of NAWAPA.

August 14th 2011 • 12:53PM

"We could decide to stop dying, and live!" The world monetary-economic crisis we saw unfold last week, can still be reversed. Discussed are the only solutions and the required outlook for our survival.

January 3rd 2011 • 2:47PM

Dave Christie, member of the six candidate LaRouche Democratic national slate, delivers his new year's message. Dave Christie will be joining fellow candidate Summer Shields in San Francisco this Saturday, Jan. 8th, for a conference with experts on the implications of NAWAPA. More information about that event can be found by clicking here.

November 11th 2010 • 9:05PM

While the Bering Strait tunnel project was not on the G20 agenda, recent reports indicate that Russia and Japan are committed to it. Sane nations are investing in physical assets, not monetary assets!