News Update


August 27th 2012 • 1:12PM

Dave Christie, member of the national slate of LPAC endorsed candidates, reiterates the necessity of removing Obama now in order to prevent thermonuclear war and rebuild the nation.

May 30th 2012 • 11:15AM

It was a determined campaign over the life and death strategic issues that face the nation, from which LPAC endorsed candidate Kesha Rogers gained her victory. It was a vote against President Barack Obama.

March 3rd 2012 • 9:35PM

As a part of the LaRouche Movement's international mobilization to stop Thermonuclear World War III, Bill Roberts of the LaRouche National Slate addresses the American people.

November 30th 2011 • 2:22PM

In the unacceptable silence from the Obama Administration following Russian President Dmitri Medvedev's stern warning that Russia will not accept the war mongering coming from the British Empire and its outposts, U.S. Federal candidate Diane Sare (NJ) issues a response to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev on behalf the of the Slate of Six Federal candidates in the United States.

November 23rd 2011 • 2:48PM

Bill's remarks are a pedagogical and in depth presentation of the anti-entropic imperative of mankind, using material from Basement Team member Meghan Rouillard's translation and video on Vernadsky's "Law of Biogenic Migration", which he carries all the way through to NAWAPA.

July 26th 2012 • 4:12PM

Candidate Dave Christie (WA-9) released this statement in the midst of the nationwide mobilization for the immediate implementation of LaRouche's three-tiered solution of Glass-Steagall, National Banking and NAWAPA XXI.

May 18th 2012 • 12:41PM

On the occasion of officially filing his candidacy for Congress from Washington's 9th district, Dave Christie reiterates the national slate's role in bringing Glass-Steagall to the national table. In addition, Christie stresses the necessity of the three tiered approach of implementing Glass-Steagall, national banking, and NAWAPA XXI immediately.

January 26th 2012 • 11:16AM

Indications have arisen pointing to the possibility of a 7.5 or greater earthquake to occur in the North Western region of the United States, or Mexico. In absence of any intelligent life within the present selection of presidential candidates, Summer Shields of the LaRouche slate addresses the issue.

November 25th 2011 • 2:36PM

Candidate Dave Christie (WA) delivers the warning of Lyndon LaRouche, that the world is not yet out of the danger posed by the British Empire's drive for World War 3. The most recent strategic point is the escalation around Syria, but the real intention is to draw Russia and China into a confrontation with the United States.

October 27th 2011 • 10:18AM

U.S. congressional candidate Rachel Brown (MA) invites you to join her campaign in an emergency town hall meeting in Boston, this Saturday, October 29.