News Update


July 8th 2013 • 8:00AM

The Inaugural episode of a new LaRouchePAC production, "LaRouchePAC in Action," which will be an elaboration of the previous week's organizing for the concepts elaborated by Lyndon LaRouche.

May 9th 2012 • 1:42PM

On April 26 the British Royal Society issued a report on population reduction titled People and the Planet. Paul Ehrlich who supports that message, came out the same day calling for a global population reduction of 1.5- 2 billion people. A report with a similar message was released by the Club of Rome on May 7th titled 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years.

January 3rd 2011 • 6:37PM

During the recent winter recess of Congress, Obama passed through another fascist policy, by having CO2 put on the list of the EPA’s deadly pollutants. We can accurately say: this is Obama forcing through the failed Cap and Trade bill, that was rejected by the Congress last summer.

May 16th 2012 • 10:05AM

In the recent weeks, two reports by the Club of Rome and the Royal Society have been released with a strong genocidal message: any agenda set for the next forty years will require rapid population reduction, in the name of halting global warming and other related myths. If mankind is to survive successfully, however, we must rapidly increase consumption and energy flux density.

June 7th 2011 • 11:30AM

The new, advanced strain of E. Coli O104 is raising questions about its real origin.

December 12th 2010 • 2:18PM

Retired Machinist from Hanford Nuclear Reservation Keith Smith talks about what it takes to build NAWAPA. Full Interview Here