News Update


January 27th 2011 • 7:52PM

Today, countries all around Europe are remembering the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest of the death-camps under Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

January 10th 2011 • 2:01PM

The inauguration of a memorial for the victims of Adolph Hitler's T-4 program, in Brandenburg/Havel, comes at a time when that Nazi policy is being revived by Obama, today, in the name of "Fiscal Responsibility"

January 5th 2011 • 2:31PM

President Obama has been forced to withdraw the Hitler T4 regulation from the Medicare rules that came into effect January 1st. But don’t declare victory yet. Just because Hitler goes East today, doesn’t mean he won't go West tomorrow. Obama must be removed NOW.

December 30th 2010 • 9:20PM

As LaRouche has warned you, Obama's health care policy is nothing less than a Nazi Useless Eater Policy.

December 17th 2010 • 5:20PM

Obama and Pelosi ram through social security cuts that only a Bush Republican could love.

January 20th 2011 • 7:02PM

The US House of Representatives again shows that they are incapable of doing anything serious by passing an impotent repeal of Obamacare, ignoring LaRouche's warnings about what they must do to save the US.

December 31st 2010 • 12:38AM
December 29th 2010 • 4:48PM

As Obama uses executive orders to push through Hitler's Useless Eaters Policy, the only truly useless eater is the global monetary system.