News Update


September 22nd 2011 • 2:20PM

On Tuesday, September 20, the International Space Station Expedition 30 crew held a news conference at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 21st Century Science & Technology magazine was at the Johnson Space Center on Tuesday to ask the astronauts what their thoughts were on the threat of mass extinctions and role of US/Russian cooperation on great projects in that context.

August 26th 2011 • 11:00PM

The recent publication of results from the CLOUD experiment at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland underscores the cosmic connection to earth's climate, and the absurdities of current climate models.

August 6th 2011 • 7:47PM

During this recent heat wave the most vulnerable of our population are being put on the chopping block as Obama continues to make legislative descisions which reflect not only his fascist intentions, but those of an empire whose eyes are still set on destroying the United States through the mad belief in our now failed monetary system. How much does it cost to defend this dead system?

June 25th 2011 • 1:15AM

The magnitude 7.2 earthquake that just struck Alaska’s Aleutian islands Thursday night is a warning for the United States. "Impeach Obama, before it is too late!"

June 9th 2011 • 4:47PM

Once the United States Government passes H.R. 1489 we still have a physical economy in shambles. Natural disasters are not the biggest killers, rather it's the Environmental policy in the form of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that has been the roadblock to development of the biosphere. The result of this insane arbitrary law is the loss of Human life.

September 6th 2011 • 10:35PM

LaRouche and the LPAC Basement Team warned you earlier this year that we are now in a period where you are going to need more than a weather man to tell you which way, and why, the wind blows.

August 21st 2011 • 2:20PM

As we set out to master the forces of Nature, we here at have provided you with a first in a series of soon to be maps, tracking these very forces of Nature.

July 19th 2011 • 2:44PM

Short teaser for video of a class presented by Sky Shields in Berlin, on the subject of Man's understanding and mastery of the forces of planetary evolution.

To watch the full presentation, click here.

June 16th 2011 • 1:15PM

LPACTV will release a case study on mount Vesuvius. Here is a sneak peak.

May 30th 2011 • 7:08PM

Obama's criminal negligence is tantamount to treason. Here we juxtapose the 1975 Chinese earthquake to the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake in Italy and ask: does Obama require the same treatment L'Aquila's courts gave Italy's Commission on Large Risks?