News Update


November 23rd 2010 • 5:22PM

Lyndon LaRouche comments on instability on the Korean Peninsula further spotlighting the danger of a mentally unstable President Obama.

November 23rd 2010 • 12:35AM

As if you needed one.

November 22nd 2010 • 4:53PM

Former congressional candidate Rachel Brown addresses an emergency meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Watch full presentation under 'Latest Videos'.

November 20th 2010 • 11:49PM

Maglev expert Elwin Hennis discusses the prospects for Maglev technology.

November 20th 2010 • 12:03AM

Tom Hanley, Oregon based Civil Engineer, discusses considerations for dam building in the NAWAPA project.

November 23rd 2010 • 5:16PM

Full interview available under latest videos.

November 22nd 2010 • 8:31PM

The EU IMF bailout to Ireland was agreed upon at least on paper. Opposition in the form of protests and statements by partisan leaders was seen today, but the only solution is what Lyndon LaRouche called for this pass weekend: An international Community of Sovereign credit systems, which the United States can initiate as soon as we remove Obama.

November 21st 2010 • 11:00AM

Remarks by Lyndon LaRouche

Today, Lyndon LaRouche crafted the Constitutional conception for the urgently needed economic reforms for the world, that United States must undertake, if that world is to survive.

He asserted six steps of such a reform which can be found in his latest statement, "Its Tantamount to War: Sink the Inter-Alpha Group".

November 20th 2010 • 1:22AM

Rumors fly as White House responds to "jokes" made my Democratic political analysts.

November 18th 2010 • 6:58PM

With the renewed imperial attack on the principle of the modern nation state, world-wide, we re-publish our feature video "The New Dark Age" to illustrate the history that is at stake in today's fight to defend what had been created only after a prolonged dark age, the modern nation state republic.
Watch the whole video: