News Update


December 7th 2010 • 2:58PM

Veteran Representative Charles Rangel, who was censured on December 2nd, reveals on CNN that he had signed an agreement to accept a reprimand, but that it was "rejected by someone; I don't know who."

December 6th 2010 • 7:52PM

One the eve of the budget vote in the Dáil Éireann, Irish patriots are gathering outside Leinster House in Dublin to stage an all-night vigil, sponsored by Sinn Féin, calling for a suspension of the austerity budget and an emergency general election now.

December 4th 2010 • 1:50AM

We Americans now have one more reason to stand in solidarity with the Irish: according to the facts revealed in this week’s report by the Federal Reserve, the American people have shelled out a total of $16 trillion which went, primarily, to foreign banks.

December 1st 2010 • 8:40PM

Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans have just expired, creating a situation where statistical forecasting and trend analysis is about as useful as a car without any wheels. But the problem is not an economic one, our country has gone batty.

December 1st 2010 • 1:02PM

In the Fifth Century, Irish monks led by St. Patrick re-christianized Europe, after Rome collapsed. As the nation of Ireland decides whether or not to dump the British and the fascist IMF policies, we remind them that they have saved civilization once before.

December 6th 2010 • 9:01PM

The fraud of the BRIC system, as seen in the thievery and bailout of Brazil's Panamerican Bank, is set to bring down the entire financial system.

December 6th 2010 • 3:12PM

LPACTV talks with Mark Riley, head of University of Arizona's Agriculture and Bio-Systems Engineering Dept., about the new areas of study in water and living processes as one effect of NAWAPA. And, why the country must look to great projects to prepare for the future.

December 3rd 2010 • 4:24PM

The Fed's latest attempt to legalize crime is yet another example of how this dying financial system will kill us, too, unless we change the way we think about economics

December 1st 2010 • 7:14PM

Stop the foreclosures! The recent discovery of Mortgage Backed Securities issued by banks not being backed by real mortgages shows that it's the monetary system that needs to be foreclosed on and not the people.

November 30th 2010 • 3:53PM

An update on the 1995 French elections scandal.

For an in-depth history, watch this:
"Mass Strike in France: Cheminade's Presidential Leadership"