News Update


December 1st 2010 • 8:40PM

Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans have just expired, creating a situation where statistical forecasting and trend analysis is about as useful as a car without any wheels. But the problem is not an economic one, our country has gone batty.

December 1st 2010 • 1:02PM

In the Fifth Century, Irish monks led by St. Patrick re-christianized Europe, after Rome collapsed. As the nation of Ireland decides whether or not to dump the British and the fascist IMF policies, we remind them that they have saved civilization once before.

November 29th 2010 • 10:23PM

The Irish oppose the British looting of their pension funds.

November 29th 2010 • 11:48AM

John Sparlin of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Ret.), from his experience with the USACE, discusses how a project like NAWAPA is approached, as well as some engineering considerations.

Watch full interview:
"NAWAPA Interview: Construction Approach"

November 27th 2010 • 4:01PM

Michael Steger reports on organizing for the California NAWAPA Conference to take place on Saturday, December 4th.

December 1st 2010 • 7:14PM

Stop the foreclosures! The recent discovery of Mortgage Backed Securities issued by banks not being backed by real mortgages shows that it's the monetary system that needs to be foreclosed on and not the people.

November 30th 2010 • 3:53PM

An update on the 1995 French elections scandal.

For an in-depth history, watch this:
"Mass Strike in France: Cheminade's Presidential Leadership"

November 29th 2010 • 7:56PM

Lyndon LaRouche’s assessment of the bomb attacks on two Iranian nuclear scientists, was that “The Iranian operation was Israeli, or somebody doing it for them--it makes no difference. That's what it is; it's obvious."

November 27th 2010 • 7:31PM

Lyndon LaRouche's marching orders following the release of his latest memorandum, Britain goes bump in the night!: THE FUNERAL MARCH OF OUR MARIONETTES

November 26th 2010 • 8:19PM

In today's special election, Irish patriots dealt

a blow to the British Empire.