Soros's "Twitter Revolution"
April 21, 2009 • 10:51AM

The following article will appear in the upcoming edition of the Executive Intelligence Review.

Soros's 'Twitter Revolution'


by Matthew Ogden

April 16—The recent protests-turned-violent in Moldova's capital, Chisinau, perpetrated by 10,000 mostly college-age youth, from Moldova and other countries in Europe, are being dubbed the "Twitter Revolution." This name was given to the flash-riots at Moldova's capital square the day after the Communist Party won a majority in the parliamentary elections, in an article by Evgeny Morozov, published in Foreign Policy magazine April 7.

Morozov, born in Belarus, is currently an active fellow of George Soros's Open Society Institute of New York, and a board member of the OSI's Information Program, formed to study how to use the Internet to facilitate "democracy movements" in "closed societies," to overthrow "authoritarian regimes." In the Foreign Policy piece, Morozov openly boasts that four so-called authoritarian states are on the Information Program's hit list: Tajikistan, Moldova, Syria, and Thailand. The Soros agent-provocateur openly bragged on his blog that these are "places that I visit frequently," studying opportunities that information technology and Internet networking present for overthrowing these "authoritarian regimes."

Soros and his Open Society mafia are now out in the open, waging Jacobin destabilizations against governments on London's hit list. In March 2009, The Economist, the flagship publication of the City of London's financial oligarchy, published an Economist Intelligence Unit report, promoting just such global Jacobin insurrections, under the provocative headline, "Manning the Barricades." Soros, the billionaire hedge-fund speculator, and self-professed wartime Nazi collaborator, is an agent of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, under the personal supervision of Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who, until recently, was vice chair of the Open Society Institute and also deputy director of Soros's hedge fund.

- 'Flashmobs' -

In his article in Foreign Policy, Morozov cites the recent riots in Greece, which then spread to the rest of Europe, as another recent example of how Twitter was used to incite "flashmobs," or "spontaneous-but-networked protest," which, he claims, in a December 2008 Economist article titled "Rioters of the World Unite," is now the new wave of protest method—replacing the now-outdated, pre-planned "set-piece" protests outside economic summits and so forth, of the form that we remember from Genoa and Seattle.

Morozov's article in Foreign Policy cites studies done by the Berkman Center at Harvard University, on the use of "technology" in the Soros-sponsored Orange Revolution, five years ago in Ukraine. At the end of the article, he writes, suggestively, that these Moldova protests "present an interesting case-study that I hope academic institutions like Harvard's Berkman Center and others would take on and examine in detail." In a blog called openDemocracy, based in Britain, Morozov also mentions the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, a think-tank at Harvard, which he says, "is currently running large-scale econometric models to observe how Internet access is correlated with political instability." Their study finds that, "an increase in cell-phone availability increases the likelihood (at least perceived by the public) that the government might be overthrown by violent means."

The Harvard report cites the "Two-Step Flow Theory" of Paul Lazarsfeld, partner of cyberneticist Kurt Lewin, the intellectual father of today's Behavioral Freakanomics, which models the effect of media on society as mediated through multiple "opinion leaders," who each possesses a network of "individuals in social contact with the opinion leader."

The LaRouche PAC pamphlet "Is the Devil in Your Laptop?" published in 2007, documents the long history of the use of this type of "social engineering" and "group psychology" to threaten the stability of sovereign nation-states. See, especially, "INSNA: 'Handmaidens of British Colonialism," by David Christie. This document is critical background intelligence material for nation-states seeking to protect the stability of their governments from George Soros's social-networking "democracy revolutions," now waging a global offensive of destabilization.

As Lyndon LaRouche commented, this movement is a Dionysian cult formation. Twitter, the latest high-tech instant communications system, for activating large numbers of people in real-time, via phone and computer links, has been adopted by British intelligence agent Soros and his Jacobin minions, to create maximum social chaos—among what is largely a youth cult, driven to despair and rage by the global financial and economic collapse. Those deployed by Twitter in this fashion are, as LaRouche warned, a Nietzschean fascist, existentialist movement, that can be mobilized, like Hitler's youth, on behalf of top-down oligarchic interests, to which they are totally oblivious.