The President Doesn't Know What He's Talking About
April 28, 2009 • 10:07AM

The most generous interpretation that can be given to President Obama's speech today to the National Academy of Science Annual Meeting, said Lyndon LaRouche today, is that the President doesn't what he's talking about. He's using words he doesn't know the meaning of, perhaps some of them put there by his speech writers. So far, he's at least a lovable idiot, unlike that idiot George W. Bush, who was inherently unlovable, and who must have been voted into office by people who hated the United States.

After paying obeisance to President Lincoln's purpose for founding the Academy in the midst of the devastation of the Civil War, President Obama made his most appalling statement:

"We are closely monitoring the emergency cases of swine flu in the United States. And this is, obviously, a cause for concern and requires a heightened state of alert. But it is not a cause for alarm."

What planet is he living on?

The President then launched into praise of scientific research—by citing the absurd. For example: "Solar cells as cheap as paint. Green buildings that produce all the energy they consume. Learning software as effective as a personal tutor...."

He's talking about cap and trade, LaRouche noted.

It's all well and good that the President called for increasing spending on research and "experimentation," (it used to be development), but the purposes are insane. "Energy is our great project, this generation's great project," he said. "And that's why I've set a goal for our nation that we will reduce our carbon pollution by more than 80% by 2050."

Not a word on nuclear, no grand project to conquer disease or poverty. This guy needs to be freed from his controllers, now.