More on the Summers/Behaviorist Coup at the White House
April 30, 2009 • 12:30PM

Since Lyndon LaRouche said what had to be said, on April 11, about Obama's Emperor Nero problem, and tore into the fascist economics of the Behaviorists, exposes of Larry Summers, OMB Director Peter Orszag, and the Roundtable Behaviorists have continued.  The latest of these exposes appears in the May 4, 2009 issue of the New Yorker, called "Money Talks" by Ryan Lizza, and paints the picture that although ego-maniac Larry Summers tolerates no rivals, Peter Orszag — who President Obama had dubbed "propeller head" — can match Summers in "expertise" and is building a behaviorist empire inside the Office of Management and Budget.  Rather than being rivals, Summers and Orszag have a kind of Entente Cordiale alliance, out of which they will destroy any vestige of the "General Welfare" approach to the economic crisis. In the budget drafting, they were often seen as "like-minded, a pair of Scrooges concerned with deficits." And, first on the chopping block will be Medicare/Medicaid if Orszag can implement his plan. To get that, Orszag is leveraging Summers' harping about reducing the deficit. Orszag says that his [brutal austerity] health care reform is deficit reduction, and Obama has bought it, reports the New Yorker.

The article also confirms what LPAC has reported — it was Summers who drove senior advisor Paul Volcker out of reach of the President, although "a spokesman for Volcker denied that."

Lizza exposes that "Orszag has turned the O.M.B. into something of a behavioral-economics think tank. Behaviorists reject the classic economic theory of human beings as ultra-rational self-interested actors and instead, drawing on psychology, examine the causes of seemingly irrational economic choices, such as not taking advantage of money offered in an employer-provided retirement plan. Cass Sunstein, the University of Chicago legal scholar, who is the co-author, with Richard Thaler, of Nudge, a book about how policymakers can harness insights from behavioral economics, and Jeffrey Liebman, a behavioral economist from Harvard, both work for Orszag. Last month, Liebman brought three leading behaviorists to the White House to advise Obama's health-care-policy team."

Now, Orszag's fascist plan for eliminating health care is going live through the Dept. of Health and Human Services.