Obama Is Simply Babbling Recklessly
May 1, 2009 • 10:47AM

A number of recent statements made by President Barack Obama led Lyndon LaRouche, today, to issue the following statement:

"The President is simply babbling recklessly. He doesn't know what he is talking about. By doing so, he is creating a big crisis. He can't continue to do this.

"We are facing a crisis of such a nature, that the disastrous characteristics of the President's policy will surface. People who have forgiven him because he is not George W. Bush, will begin to wonder if he is not worse than George W. Bush.

"The problem stems from his choice of Larry Summers. The President has to dump Summers and what he represents. This is not a long-term question. It must be done very soon. If the President continues as is, it will finish him off as President. He has no real choice. He has to change his policies now. He has neither the competence nor the moral authority to resist the need for change."