White House Health Care "Reform" Is Nazi Medicine Made In Britain
May 2, 2009 • 10:06AM

The so-called U.S. health care "reform" drive, led by behaviorist OMB head Peter Orszag, Larry Summers, et al., is Nazi medicine, and made-in-Britain. It is being pushed full steam ahead, despite the obvious need for emergency medical, public and veterinary health measures in the U.S. and internationally, to change course from globalization, in order to deal with the A/H1N1 virus, and new threats to come.

On Friday, within hours after President Obama gave a press briefing while at his Cabinet meeting on the flu, a national Health Channel TV conference was held on U.S. health care "reform," for policy-makers and the media, addressed by Sir Michael Rawlins, the director of the British agency that gives orders for what medical treatment can and cannot be given in the U.K. For 10 years he has been Director of NICE — National Institutes for Health and Clinical Excellence. In 2008, a watchdog agency went into action in Britain, called the CQC — Care Quality Commission — to discipline medical clinicians who did not change their behavior and comply with NICE orders. The U.S. television conference was titled, "Comparative Effectiveness and Healthcare Reform."

This whole Brutish operation is Nazi medicine, Lyndon LaRouche said today. Saying it's "reform," and "NICE" or going by any other name, is just "health through joy." It is "Arbeit macht frei."

This is the Nazi medicine that the Larry Summers' White House gang is pushing in the name of "saving the budget," and "comprehensive health care reform," even in the midst of the national flu emergency. The activists are: Peter Orszag, head of Office of Management and Budget; his deputy, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, health reform adviser and Rahm Emanuel's brother; and the new White House Director of Health Reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle. Their line is that, health care costs can be drastically reduced — to NICE-LY make way for giving additional people care — by implementing a "comparative effectiveness" plan on what treatment will or won't be given to whom.

In June 2008, Orszag conferred in London on this topic with Gordon Brown's Cabinet. Orszag's former boss at the London School of Economics, Lord Layard, is still at the LSE, at the Center for Economic Performance, specializing in "Wellbeing" projects,— another "Orwellness" designation,— to induce the public to think nice, while being screwed. His theme was promoted in the Baltimore Sun yesterday in a guest column, "Power for Patients—Comparative Effectiveness Research Will Help People Make Better Choices," by two authors, one of whom, Ruth Faden, is director of the Berman Bioethics Institute at Johns Hopkins University, where Emanuel, Orszag's health reform advisor, once taught "bioethics."

In contrast, agencies operating from the vantage point of saving lives and furthering civilization, are clamoring for the means to deal with the flu crisis. U.S. hospitals are hit by a surge of 50% to 200% increase in visitors to the emergency room, to have their symptoms checked. In San Bernardino, Calif., the Loma Linda University Hospital has resorted to putting up a giant tent in the parking lot, as an emergency care center.

Veterinary health practitioners and virologists the world over are appealing for advanced test kits, lab facilities, and other means to monitor and protect livestock as well as people. Penn State, Iowa State, the Paris-based O.I.E.—International Organization for Animal Health, and Mexico's agriculture universities, are issuing emergency bio-security guidelines.