LaRouche: It Is Time To Get Rid of Summers!
May 7, 2009 • 8:31AM

Lyndon LaRouche made the following comment on Wednesday: What I did over the weekend and have been doing all along in respect to Obama is to put pressure on the President to ensure that he does not cave in to Larry Summers, who has been attempting to manipulate the President. Summers' intention with his policy statement last week at the Israeli Embassy was to bluff the President into going with his policy on Israel. He was acting under the assumption that he could brainwash the President. However, Obama did not cave in. What Summers doesn't understand is that this President may turn on someone whom he perceives as trying to manipulate him.

The stated intention of what I have been doing in criticizing President Obama is to ensure that he breaks free from the brainwashing by Summers. He must become alert to the fact that he is being used. The only hope is that Obama comes to his senses and recognizes that he is being duped and used by these clowns.

I am using a high risk operation to get the President angry at the people who are brainwashing him. My purpose is to make him into a President by setting him free. I know his personality. So I am putting maximum pressure on him to liberate him from his brainwasher, Larry Summers.

Summers is jittery that Obama is uncontrollable. Therefore, he is trying to preemptively box him in based on his psychological vulnerabilities. That is why Summers tried to preemptively set a policy for the Obama administration.

Summers' primary personal affinity is as an extreme pro-fascist right-wing Israeli agent, a type we are not unfamiliar with. His agenda is to swindle the President, by pushing him into capitulating to that agenda. But the President did not take the bait.

Summers has thus made a big mistake. It is time to get rid of him. Summers went out of control. The President doesn't need such people. When your enemy makes a mistake like that, don't mishandle it.