House Proposes Slashing Entitlements, LaRouche Calls It A Betrayal of the American People
May 7, 2009 • 8:53AM

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md), Nancy Pelosi's henchman and number two Democrat in the House, proposed on Wednesday that the entitlements of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which sustain the income and health standards for more than 80 million Americans, be slashed. Hoyer would accomplish that by the establishment of a bankers-controlled extra-Constitutional outside body— a Fiscal Future Commission— that would make the drastic austerity cuts, and then shove them to the U.S. Congress. According to a supporter of the Hoyer proposal, the Congress would be given the choice of voting on these Commission-devised genocidal proposals in a single, straight up and down vote, with no amendments; the Congress would devolve to a rubber stamp.

Lyndon LaRouche commented, "This is a betrayal of the American people. Hoyer is a political prostitute instead of a patriot."

Hoyer was speaking at a forum of the DC-based Bipartisan Policy Center, entitled "Unprecedented Federal Debt: Putting Our Fiscal House in Order." Hoyer said, "I want to talk about the hard decisions it will take to get our fiscal house in order and control the spiraling costs of our entitlement programs, especially Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid." Hoyer hardly spoke about the greatest financial economic breakdown crisis in human history; instead he spoke about the fiscal crisis allegedly caused by these three programs.

Among other points, he proposed raising the retirement age once more before an elderly person could qualify for Social Security. Then Hoyer said that, "the political challenges on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are extraordinary. So I think it's very possible that finding a solution will demand an extraordinary process. Some members of Congress including [Jim] Cooper and [Frank] Wolf have called for a Fiscal Future Commission.... which would propose solutions and send them to Congress for a vote. I think they make a strong case." After denouncing Congress for "inaction", Hoyer asserted, "A Fiscal Future Commission would help protect that process from the political attacks [in the Congress] that have derailed it in the past. Some have argued that creating a Commission would mean taking these vital issues out of the political process."

While Congressmen Cooper and Wolf have supported this Commission proposal, it actually comes from the pro-genocide billionaire Peter Peterson, former head of Lehman Brothers, and then the Blackstone Group giant hedge fund. The main advocate for this is David Walker, the CEO of the Peter Peterson Foundation, who has pushed for deep cuts in entitlements. Lyndon LaRouche denounced Walker in a March 2007 article, "David Walker's Sleight of Hand." Walker spoke at the same Bipartisan Policy Center forum today.

Finally, in an April 22, 2009 letter to the editor of the Washington Post, David Abshire, President of the Peterson-sponsored Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, declared, "The genius of a Fiscal Future Commission is that it would allow flexibility in this timing.... there would be an up-or-down vote in Congress on whether to implement the findings, as was done with the recommendations of the commission on military base closings." There would be no amendments. As LaRouche commented about the Hitlerian push of Larry Summers and the Behavioral Economists to cut health care, this would result in a dictatorship.