"Dr. Whorebag's" Crazy Ideas Dictate Obama Budget
May 9, 2009 • 10:28AM

The notion in Obama's May 7 budget message, that national budgets must be balanced at the expense of the sick and the aged,— as well as the particular "mad accountant" means proposed to do that, point to Office of Management and Budget Director Peter "Whorebag's" continuing control over President Obama's brain. Orszag is one of the insane "behavioral economists" whose control over the President was first exposed in Time magazine's issue of April 12. In his April 11 and April 28 international webcasts, Lyndon LaRouche showed that the "behavioral economists" and National Economic Council head Larry Summers will have to be dumped right away, if the Obama Administration, and the United States, are to be saved.

Orszag has illustrated his pointy-headed accountant's obsession on this issue, with the repeated statistical forecast that medical care will consume 25% of GDP by 2025, and 49% by 2082,— see, for instance his "Long-Term Outlook for Health Care Spending," issued by Orszag's Congressional Budget Office in November, 2007.

Orszag has always avoided the critical question of medical infrastructure, especially that of an effective general hospital system, which is being wiped out in the United States. Loss of our general hospital system is already having disastrous effects on health, as the next epidemic will prove in spades. But Orszag's advisors in the "Dartmouth Institute" of John Wennberg explicitly insist on cutting costs by NOT expanding infrastructure, such as acute-care hospital beds and life-saving imaging machines.

Rather than understanding that advancing technology saves lives, Orszag demands that technology be held back to save money. On March 10, for example, he testified to Congress, "Given the central role of medical technology in the growth of health care spending, reducing or slowing that spending over the long term will probably require decreasing the pace of adopting new treatments and procedures or limiting the breadth of their application. Such changes need not involve explicit rationing but could occur as a result of market mechanisms or policy changes that affect the incentives to develop and adopt more costly treatments."

"Dr. Whorebag's" mainstay in his crusade against the sick is to force every physician to adopt the same, uniform, numbered (often obsolete) treatment for any given numbered disease: that is, cookbook medicine, or "medicine by the numbers." This was introduced in 1990 as a fad called "evidence-based medicine," following on to "outcome-based education." 21st Century Science and Technology magazine ran a devastating refutation of "evidence-based medicine" by Cathy Helgason, M.D., in its Spring-Summer 2006 issue.

More recently, Orszag, the Dartmouth group and many others have sponsored it under the name of "Comparative Effectiveness Research," for which Obama's "stimulus" bill earmarked $1.1 billion. "Electronic medical records," another "Whorebag" hobby-horse, will finger the physicians who don't play by these rules.

Lyndon LaRouche has summarized it as, "treat the disease, rather than the patient." Couple it with the "medical reformers'" litany that "80% of medical costs occur during the last two years of life," and you have a recipe for medical murder.

CORRECTION NOTE: While most of Obama's plans have followed Orszag's prescriptions, the $22 billion cut in subsidies to private health insurance companies as part of Medicare, cited in yesterday's briefing, is a useful cut in a Bush subsidy, which gave private companies 14% more than those under Medicare!