Electronic Medical Records And The Nazi Doctors
May 10, 2009 • 10:51AM

A well-qualified source reports that the Orszag-Summers drive for implementing national electronic medical records is essential for them to be able to carry out their Comparative Effectiveness criteria for decimating health care and killing off those who are deemed useless eaters.

The Cerner Corporation, a global electronic medical record programming and control enterprise with 8,000 employees, is involved in a pilot project through the Cook County Bureau of Health Services, which provides health care to the indigent in Chicago. Doctors, pharmacy workers and others are given bonuses for cost-cutting, denying care and medication, to these poor patients. One leading physician in the program reportedly got $400,000 in bonuses last year.

An electronic medical record system is to be implemented nationally to follow all doctors and all patients. This will allow the regime ban unauthorized procedures and medicines, and to selectively banish, control or punish individual physicians and individual patients.

Nancy-Ann DeParle was a director of Cerner Corporation from 2001 until March 2009, when President Obama named her as the Counselor to the President and Director of the White House Office for Health Reform. Among her other responsibilities at Cerner, DeParle was on the special Board of Directors committee on United Kingdom benefits operations.

The Cook County Orwell/Nazi Doctor/Cerner pilot project started in 2001, the same year Nancy-Ann DeParle come into the company with her government connections.