Obama Health-Care Reform--That's Called Fascism, Isn't It?
May 12, 2009 • 11:00AM

As LaRouchePAC details irrefutably (The Nazi Precedent For Obama's Health Plan: Now Is The Time To Say "Never Again!"), Peter Orszag and both of his leading deputies in the drive to "reform" health care through "comparative effectiveness research," are at the same time advocates of the program of so-called euthanasia for which Nazis were punished in the Nuremberg Trials.

Lyndon LaRouche said, we're trying to research the difference between Obama's health care reform and what Hitler did, and we haven't been able to find any.

President Obama and his "health-care team" met Monday morning with the "stakeholders." You probably remember that this was always the final scene in the Frankenstein movie, in near-darkness, when smoke was streaming out of the ground, and the villagers appeared and ran about with their stakes in hand.

They included the HMOs, the AMA, the pharmaceutical companies and the unions. The basis for everything was the linear-projection school of Peter Orszag, who has done linear projections of the growth of health-care spending, and found that it will reach 49% of GDP in 2082. "That's because they don't do any production," LaRouche quipped. On this basis, the "stakeholders" all agreed that they would cut back 1.5% from what would otherwise be the growth of their "costs" for each of the next ten years.

Obama announced that this would save $2 trillion, or $2,500 for every family. "He's actually a commentator on the Tower of Babel," LaRouche said. "He's babbling. He will come to clear intentions at a later point. He now uses words; in the future, he may come to understand them."

The HMOs promised to do their part in the cost-cutting using the exact same gimmicks which Orszag has proposed, such as "competitiveness research" to "modify behavior" so as to shut down medical high-technology and more effective, newer treatments as more "costly." No wonder Peter Orszag and his top associates in "competitive effectiveness research" are at the same time leaders of the "right-to-die" movement.

"This is is fascism; that's what it is," LaRouche said. "Why not call it that?"

This completely sidesteps the real growth of costs: the issue of the thieving HMOs, the gang of parasites set up by Richard Nixon and Patrick "Benign Neglect" Moynihan in 1973. Now, overhead costs under U.S. private health insurance, so called, are up to 30-50% of all costs, as against 2% costs of administration for the government-run Medicare program. Are these the "costs" they are trying to cut? No,— it's the very cost of life-saving medical treatments themselves!

The second issue they're shoving under the carpet is the ripoff by the pharmaceutical companies.

The third issue is health infrastructure: Communities are struggling to keep a hospital, or other infrastructure, while they're talking about all these so-called "reforms."

Infrastructure is at an emergency level, as we're threatened by pandemics, and they're not addressing that at all. And the kind of cost-containment which is being pushed by Orszag and company, results, as they know it does, in continued shrinkage of the infrastructure. The Dartmouth Institute, which wrote Orszag's lines, proposes precisely the relative shrinkage of infrastructure, proposing explicitly that numbers of hospital beds and imaging machines NOT be expanded to meet increasing needs.

"Call it the 'Orzsag Useless Eaters Program for Health Care,' LaRouche said. "That will ruffle feathers, but that's what you have to do. If you go along with the double-talk, people will debate the double-talk. This is what Hitler did. This was Hitler's health reform. There's essentially no difference in principle between what Orszag is proposing, and Adolf Hitler did. And people will have to catch on to that before they die of old age at the age of 20 or something.

"It's the Brave New World of Aldo Suxley."

As the result of such "reforms," there are now fewer mammography machines in the U.S. than in 2006. Fewer mammograms are being performed than in 2006, even while the population which needs them has increased for various reasons, even beyond general population growth. "We're going to do a whole report on this," LaRouche said. "This is the Orszag genocide policy, taken faithfully out of the manuals of Adolf Hitler. There's essentially no difference between what Orszag is proposing and what Hitler did.

"This is a cutback in the fight against breast cancer!" LaRouche concluded. "Obviously, this all-male bunch of suckers, the Behavioral Economists, doesn't understand women's concerns. It's true! That's essentially what it is! They don't give a damn; they're fascists! And. we just have to call them fascists. That'll cause more screaming, but that's good."