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May 13th 2013 • 10:00PM
April 23rd 2013 • 1:58AM

Glass-Steagall is on the human mind in its various reaches around the world. However, that which allowed mankind to create the ideas which necessitated Glass-Steagall for their realization has still a very small habitat. There is a future that still demands the emergence of the human minds that can see it.

April 1st 2013 • 11:02PM

There is now possible recovery of the current world financial system. As LaRouche forecast in his Friday webcast series, from the standpoint of the British empire most people on the planet are to be left to die. How do you have to view the creation of a new system under these conditions?

May 7th 2013 • 5:41AM

The week of demanding that justice replace Obama's crimes has begun.

Do you, however, know how to understand and wield the principle, upon which your life depends? The principle, which allowed the replacement of underdeveloped, short-lived and low populations with a growing, discovering, trans-lunar one? Do you understand what LaRouchePAC is striving to restore this week?

April 9th 2013 • 12:36AM

A common threat is now uniting the world across the Atlantic. The current, British, imperial policy of depopulation, being carried out through the bail-in and -out austerity policies, the policy of making an enemy out of your fellow man has now become its own worst enemy. The very power of imposing killing policies on nations can turn into the imperial system's deadly weakness. Glass-Steagall can turn the disintegration of the present world financial system into an end of the current monetary control of nations, and our common mission as a species in the Solar system can turn our fellow men into our necessary collaborators against this and further dangers.

March 25th 2013 • 8:27PM

Have you lost when you are threatened with losing your position in society, if you do not go along with the political power of the moment? Would you give up the future to save your present? Would you blindly deny that there is anything but what can be gained in the present?

Or, can you see nothing to be saved in the present, but what can be given to the future?

Here begins the question of the competence for strategic leadership.

Monday Morning Report
June 22nd 2009 • 12:20PM

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