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February 4th 2013 • 8:13PM

In today's discussion with the national policy committee, Lyndon LaRouche uses the occasion of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the SDI to elaborate the revolution necessary in man's conception of himself if we are to not only survive the current crisis, but also achieve our species' great destiny.

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January 28th 2013 • 8:12PM

In light of the D.C. Court's ruling against Obama's recess appointments, the National Policy Committee discusses mankind's mission in the Universe, the promotion of which the U.S. constitution was created.

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January 18th 2013 • 6:31PM

There is no honest alternative to restoring Glass-Steagall, and we’re running out of time; the fuse of hyperinflation is lit, the thing is already in motion and will spread like wildfire unless we act preemptively, and shut it down.

January 30th 2013 • 9:35AM

The case taken up by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, as published Friday the 25th, has the integrity of the Federal Republic as its subject. This potentially carries devastating consequences for the Barack Obama administration.

January 21st 2013 • 10:20PM

Today's LPAC policy committee discussion explored ideas presented in the latest report by Lyndon LaRouche, "Now return to the subject of our Constitution: The Principle Involved."

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January 14th 2013 • 8:43PM

Today's LPAC policy committee discussion starts with a quick round-up of committee members' recent mobilization in their respective states.

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Saturday Evening Report
July 11th 2009 • 7:00PM

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